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Top 5 Divorce Lawyers in Vancouver

Top 5 Divorce Lawyers in Vancouver
We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

Divorce is a term laden with emotions and challenges. As we attempt to unravel the threads of a life once shared, having a reliable guide is downright crucial.

Enter Vancouver’s best divorce lawyers. From navigating child custody battles to negotiating fair settlements, these allies will not only help you in restructuring your life, but they also offer a much-needed compassionate handhold.

How much does a divorce lawyer cost in Vancouver?

Prices for hiring a divorce lawyer in Vancouver vary based on experience, ranging from $175 to $750 per hour. 

For a straightforward desk order divorce with minimal legal help, it could be around $1,500. However, opting for a skilled lawyer in a more complex, amicable divorce with a separation agreement may reach up to $7,000.

How We Chose the Best Divorce Lawyers in Vancouver

Expertise: We selected divorce lawyers based on their extensive knowledge and expertise in family law, ensuring they’re well-versed in divorce complexities.
Communication: Our chosen lawyers excel in effective communication, providing clear information to clients about their legal options, proceedings, and potential outcomes.
Empathy: We prioritized divorce lawyers who demonstrate empathy and understanding, recognizing the emotional challenges clients face during divorce proceedings.
Negotiation Skills: The selected lawyers are adept negotiators, capable of securing favorable settlements for their clients through skilled and strategic negotiation tactics.
Client Testimonials: We considered client testimonials and feedback to ensure the chosen lawyers have a proven track record of client satisfaction.
Cost Transparency: Our criteria included lawyers who are transparent about their fee structures, ensuring clients are fully informed about the costs involved.
Availability: We focused on lawyers who prioritize client availability, promptly responding to inquiries and maintaining open lines of communication.
Ethical Standards: Our criteria included lawyers who adhere to high ethical standards, prioritizing integrity and professionalism in their practice of family law in Vancouver.

1. Crossroads Law

Business Address: 1055 W Georgia St Suite 2100, Vancouver, BC V6E 3P3


Instagram: Crossroads Law (@crossroadslaw)

Phone Number: +1 800-466-1838

Business Hours: Mon – Fri: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Crossroads Law is founded by Marcus Sixta, a certified collaborative divorce lawyer and accredited family law mediator. He has successfully represented clients in various courts, including international cases.

His firm won the 2023 LEAP’s Family Law Firm of the Year and also provides services in Mandarin, Cantonese, Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi, Farsi, Swedish, and Hebrew. 

Crossroads specializes in collaborative divorce, fostering open dialogue and shared resolutions. Plus, they offer a free 20-minute consultation.

For uncontested divorces, their services include a flat rate of $1,999, with an additional $2,400 if there are children. Unlike other firms, they offer a guarantee of filing your divorce or your money back.

Alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation and arbitration are also offered.

Their team actively volunteers at charities such as the Calgary Food Bank. And, they’ve been featured in media outlets like CBC, Global News, The Globe and Mail, and Real Talk.


  • 2023 LEAP’s Family Law Firm of the Year
  • Multilingual firm
  • Specializes in collaborative divorce
  • Offers a free 20-minute consultation
  • Has a flat rate for uncontested divorces
  • Money back guarantee
  • Alternative dispute resolution methods
  • Supports charities
  • Featured in media outlets


  • Reports of being unresponsive

Walked me through the divorce process and made me feel at ease

“Melissa helped me through my divorce. Being supportive and kind, I really felt that Melissa was on my side and helped me go through a painful time in my life. I would highly recommend Melissa’s services. She walked me through the divorce process and made me feel at ease. Thank you Melissa!”

-Heidi Hauka, Google Review

One of the best family lawyers I have ever worked with

“Tanya Thakur is one of the best family lawyers I have ever worked with. She is understanding, compassionate, and a very caring individual. She is smart and is very well prepared for the cases she represents. Thank you, Tanya, for representing me in my family court trial.”

-Arthi D , Google Review

2.  MacLean Family Law

Business Address: 1021 W Hastings St #2900, Vancouver, BC V6E 0C3


Instagram: MacLean Law (@maclean_law)

Phone Number: (604) 602-9000

Business Hours: Mon – Fri: 9 AM – 5 PM

MacLean Family Law boasts 40 years of experience, led by its founder Lorne MacLean, King’s Counsel. He holds the record for the highest interim and permanent spousal and child support, surpassing $100,000 and $116,000 a month, respectively.

It’s no wonder his firm won Canadian Lawyer Magazine’s 2023 Family Law Firm of The Year.

Specializing in contested divorces, they first file a Notice of Family Claim in the BC Supreme Court. They also handle parenting, support, property or debt division, interim orders, and court hearings.

For those seeking uncontested divorces, they offer mediation, arbitration, and collaboration.

B.C., as of January 15, 2024, became the first jurisdiction in Canada to treat pets differently in separation cases. Notably, MacLean Law’s lawyers are widely recognized in the media for their leadership in handling pet custody cases.

As a bonus, their family law teams are fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, Chinese, and Punjabi.


  • 40 years of experience
  • Highest record for interim and permanent spousal support
  • 2023 Family Law Firm of The Year
  • Handles contested and uncontested divorces
  • Offers ADR methods
  • Known for their pet custody cases
  • Multilingual team


  • Reports of communication breakdowns

The kind of legal experts you want to be on your side

“Chris and Lorne are the kind of legal experts you want to be on your side. Brilliant in their trade with immense court and life experiences, unrelenting attention to detail, paramount research capabilities and constant evaluation of the best way to protect your interests. This, supported by diligent team of paralegals and assistants, is a team working like a well-oiled machine, that will help you navigate even high conflict complex family proceedings exceptionally well.”

-Lucie Bahar, Google Review

So thankful I came across Maclean Law Firm

“I am so thankful I came across Maclean Law Firm. I was extremely nervous heading into the divorce process but from my first initial consult with Fraser and Jesse I knew I was in very capable hands. They have been nothing but exceptional with my case and have worked so hard to get the best outcome possible for me. Any fear or worries that came up were quickly put to ease. When I felt like giving up they always knew what to say and how to keep me going. They go above and beyond at all times for their clients and will fight to get you what you deserve. I will forever be grateful I chose them to be my lawyers, they are honest, fair and will put you first! They made going through an extremely tough time that much easier. Thank you Fraser, Jesse and your wonderful team I will be recommending you to anyone who needs any legal advice.”

-Jesen Ballard, Google Review

3. YLaw 

Business Address: 1122 Mainland St #410, Vancouver, BC V6B 5L1


Instagram: YLaw (@ylaw.firm)

Phone Number: (604) 974-9529

Business Hours: Mon – Fri: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

YLaw, founded by Leena R. Yousefi, is the largest female-led law firm in Canada. Leena, recognized as one of Business in Vancouver’s Top 40 under 40, is not only a family lawyer but also an accredited mediator.

Her success speaks volumes, having won over 90% of her family law cases from 2013 to the present. And, her clientele includes homemakers, athletes, celebrities, Fortune 500 and 100 CEOs, the disadvantaged, and ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

Her firm handles both contested and uncontested divorces. They cover a wide range of aspects such as property and debt division, spousal and child support, as well as child custody. 

YLaw is well-versed in high-net-worth divorces, regularly dealing with substantial assets, even up to a billion dollars. They focus on minimizing tax obligations and reducing the time and costs associated with litigation.

They’ve also been featured in Global News, The Vancouver Sun, Bar Talk, and The Lawyers Weekly. 


  • Largest female-led law firm in Canada
  • Founder has a 90% win rate
  • One of Business in Vancouver’s Top 40 under 40
  • Wide range of clientele
  • Handles contested and uncontested divorces
  • Specializes in high-net-worth divorces
  • Featured in notable media publications


  • 2-year waiting list for Leena

Hands down the best divorce lawyers in Vancouver

“I had the pleasure of working with 2 YLaw lawyers for my divorce and was very impressed. We settled our case on favorable terms and efficiently. These lawyers are hands down the best divorce lawyers in Vancouver. Highly recommended.”

Diana Wang, Google Review

Negotiated an amazing divorce settlement for me

“William and team did an amazing job helping me out through the whole divorce process from start to finish. The team a YLaw made a very difficult time in my life very easy and negotiated an amazing divorce settlement for me. I highly recommend YLaw for anyone doing estate planning or going through divorce proceeding.”

-Keith Desnoyers, Google Review

4. Nasser Allan LLP

Business Address: 815 W Hastings St #701, Vancouver, BC V6C 3N2


Instagram: Nasser Allan LLP (@nasserallan_llp)

Phone Number: (604) 620-8682

Business Hours: Mon – Sun: 9 AM – 6:30 PM

Nasser Allan LLP, led by Laura Allan, brings a unique and compassionate approach to family law, particularly in divorce and separation cases. Laura, a dedicated mother herself, strives for positive, child-focused outcomes during divorce proceedings.

Her firm aims to alleviate the stress associated with divorce and separation. They handle various aspects, such as asset division, determining excluded property, child and spousal support, parenting, guardianship, custody, and debt allocation.

They present clients’ financial pictures realistically, focusing on key issues that shape their post-divorce future, including liquidity, future income, property, and parenting time. 

Negotiation, mediation, and litigation are also provided. 

They’re also quite experienced in handling complex litigation, including setting new legal precedents and having cases brought to the British Columbia Court of Appeals.


  • Specializes in child-focused outcomes 
  • Handles divorce and separation
  • Focuses on key issues post-divorce 
  • Negotiation, mediation, and litigation
  • Handles complex litigation
  • Have brought cases to the B.C. Court of Appeals


  • Lack of communication

Went above and beyond with a smile

“I have nothing but good words regarding my experience with Nasser Law firm and Laura Allan was a joy to work toward a win with. She brought clarity, good sense and calm to my stressful matter. She understood what I needed to accomplish and went above and beyond it with a smile. Laura provided great communication regarding updates and answers to questions – and was quick to deliver a favorable outcome. Overall very efficient and personable. Highly recommend,

Thank you Laura and Nasser Law!”

-Kristyn Scott, Google Review

Compassionate yet firm, and very effective

“I asked Laura for help after my first lawyer was non communicative. Laura made time to assist me with my emergency family situation (got results in 3 business days!). She was able to negotiate a fair agreement, avoiding going through a trial even though it was a very contentious and delicate situation. She gave me realistic advice, and she let me know what to expect. I did not have to be worried about finding solutions on my own (like my first lawyer). Communication was excellent and on time. Compassionate yet firm, and very effective. I feel so lucky to have found her.”

-Hiba Morcos, Google Review

5. Connect Family Law

Business Address: 1333 W Broadway #105, Vancouver, BC V6H 4C1


Instagram: Connect Family Law (@connect_family_law)

Phone Number: (604) 266-5004

Business Hours: Mon – Fri: 9 AM – 5 PM

Connect Family Law was founded by Leisha Murphy and Simon Kent. Driven by their own personal experiences, they aimed to create a resolution-focused and heart-forward firm to support families in transition.

Leisha, with over 13 years of experience as a family lawyer, leads the practice. 

The firm is dedicated to achieving out-of-court settlements, emphasizing collaborative divorce, mediation, and negotiation. They primarily work with clients seeking to de-escalate conflicts.

They also prepare marriage and cohabitation agreements, involving business and property interests, family trusts, and anticipated inheritances.

What sets them apart is their complimentary 1.5-hour counseling/coaching session with mental health professionals specializing in separation and divorce.

Plus, they foster a sense of community through their Divorce Salons. These serve as a space for individuals dealing with separation and divorce to learn from and connect with others going through similar experiences.


  • Partner has over 10 years of experience
  • Specializes in collaborative divorce
  • Out-of-court settlements
  • Marriage and cohabitation agreements
  • Free 1.5-hour counseling/coaching session
  • Established Divorce Salons


  • Reports of non-response

Exceeded my expectations

“After some long months of getting nowhere with my previous lawyer, I was referred to Connect Family Law by a friend who only had amazing things to say. Now I only have amazing things to say as well. I had Leisha as my divorce lawyer and I got more than what I wanted. She exceeded my expectations. I was so worried with two young kids and a start up business, but not only was she able to communicate with me in a timely manner, she coached me through a lot of it. Super grateful.”

-Victory Interiors Main Hub, Google Review

Expertly navigated us through the collaborative divorce process

“Collaborative Divorce was a concept completely foreign to me and everything I thought I knew about what divorce and separation had to be. My ex-wife and I were not adversarial but equally wanted what was right and fair for each of us without wasting our kids’ inheritances on pricey lawyers that had no interest in our family’s (even though separated) ultimate wellbeing. Leisha Murphy expertly navigated us through the collaborative divorce process to create a win/win final separation agreement through the power of discussion and guidance using a legal frame work and common sense. Most importantly no court. The process of separation is not easy for anyone but by signing up for the collaborative process it helped me at least keep my emotions in check and find common understanding rather than bitterness, especially with the help of a true guide like Leisha.”

-j v, Google Review