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The 5 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Vancouver That Can Outwit the Competition

The 5 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Vancouver That Can Outwit the Competition
We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

Don’t you hate when you see your competitor’s rankings or social media following go up while yours sinks? It happens – but a good digital marketer can help address it, fortunately. 

The key word here is “good,” mind you. A lot of digital marketers will charge you an arm and a leg for not-much-to-show-at-all. That’s where today’s list will help. 

In our industry, our team obviously has quite a bit of experience too with some parts of digital marketing – and the parts we don’t do ourselves, we have experience outsourcing to agencies. 

Today, we’ll go over the ones we and those we know trust most, based on their ability to get results and consistency. Without further ado, let’s check out the best digital marketing agencies in Vancouver.

How much does it cost to hire a digital marketing agency in Vancouver? 

Expend to spend at least $1,000 when hiring a digital marketing agency in Vancouver for basic marketing services. This price is an estimate depending on the complexity of the marketing services you’ll need, type of digital campaigns, and more. 

How We Chose

Customer Service: We looked for agencies that took time to explain their marketing concepts in a clear and easy-to-understand way.
Communication: We considered digital marketing agencies that were upfront and honest. Good communication was key for us.
Results: We weren’t interested in agencies promising the moon and stars. We looked for a data-driven approach, where they tracked results and showed us how their marketing efforts were actually moving the needle.
Experience: We looked for agencies that had experience working with businesses in different industries. We observed whether they’d understand the landscape of various company niches, the competition, and the best ways to reach the target audience.

1. Social T.

Social T.'s Banner

Address: 2780 Granville St #203, Vancouver, BC V6H 3J3, Canada

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 9 AM to 5 PM 

Website: Social T.

This one’s very specialized, but they’re so good at what they do that we decided to put them in this list anyway. After chatting with Social T about their social media strategy services, we’ve got to say that they’re all about tailor-made plans, which could be a big win if you’re looking for something that fits your brand like a glove.

From what we’ve seen, they’ve got this sixth sense for what your business needs and how to make your social media vibe with your brand’s voice. 

And they’re all about eventually giving you the tools and know-how to eventually run the show yourself, which is perfect for semi control freaks like us.

They’re big on organic growth too—think less about splashing cash on ads and more about creating content that sticks. But, since they’re on the boutique side, if you’re dreaming big or wanting a hand-off approach, you might bump into limitations.

Additionally, they don’t offer any SEO services, so if you’re looking to improve your SEO, you’re better off looking elsewhere.  


  • Understands brand voice clearly
  • Focuses on organic growth


  • Limited scalability 
  • Less emphasis on paid ads
  • No SEO services available

Customer Reviews

Provided concrete guidelines and approaches to build and maintain networks 

“My organization, Global Women in International Education (Glow Ed), empowers women at all levels in the international education industry and fosters their career progress. We asked Tara Clark to lead a session for our members on network building. It was excellent. Tara not only gave attendees a framework through which to look at their networking goals, she provided concrete guidelines and approaches to build and maintain networks applicable across a wide variety of fields. Our members come from private and public operations and service providers and the feedback from the participants was outstanding.  Tara is not only an excellent speaker she is a pleasure to work with as we made adjustments to the timing of meetings and schedules. She is clearly very knowledgeable but is also a great communicator both in content and her manner of delivery. Glow Ed members are very grateful for her participation in their professional development. Catherine Vertesi, Chair of Global Women in International Education” 

Catherine vertesi Google Review 

They are flexible, supportive, and passionate about their work

“I’ve had only great experiences with Tara and Melody at Social T as they help shape our company’s social media strategy. They are both so passionate and engaging about their work and our company’s projects and messaging that it’s hard not to get excited about social media and the impact it can have when done right. Not only has our company benefited from their knowledge but I’ve learned so much from them that I feel more comfortable and even excited to share on my personal feeds. They are flexible, supportive, and passionate about their work. Can’t recommend Tara and her team highly enough!”

Annelise van der Veen Google Review 

2. Tiny Planet Digital

Tiny Planet Digital's Banner

Address: 939 Homer St #2204, Vancouver, BC V6B 2W6, Canada

Contact Details:  +1 778-807-3786

Operating Hours: 

  • Monday & Tuesday – 9 AM to 6 PM 
  • Wednesday – 9 AM to 6:30 PM 
  • Thursday & Friday – 9 AM to 6 PM 

Website: Tiny Planet Digital

If you’re juggling the many hats of a small business owner and need someone to take marketing off your plate with finesse, Tiny Planet Digital might be the way to go.

We dove into a discovery call with Tiny Planet Digital, and from what we gleaned, they’re on a mission to be a small business’s best friend.

On the call, their team immediately crafted a digital strategy as personalised as a tailor-made suit. From social media to SEO, they offered to take the reins, which is perfect for those of us who like time to focus on what we do best.

Data drives their decisions, which means they’re all about tweaking things to make sure you’re getting real bang for your buck. Just a heads-up: their playground seems to be more in the under $10K project realm, so chat budget early on.

And though their team is on the smaller side, we liked how they got this whole down-to-earth vibe going on in how they communicate with their clientele. Their actual clients vouched for their results too!


  • Focus on small businesses
  • Client communication
  • Personalised strategies


  • Project budget limitation

Customer Reviews

Tiny Planet Digital’s audit of our website and how to improve our SEO was invaluable

” Startup Canada was thrilled to be selected as a winner of Tiny Planet Digital’s 2023 Sustainable Growth Contest! As a non-profit organization, Tiny Planet Digital’s audit of our website and how to improve our SEO was invaluable. Julie was easy to work with and very helpful and collaborative. Julie and her team provided carefully crafted reports and plans for improving our digital marketing efforts and went through them in detail with our team. If you’re a non-profit or business looking to improve your digital marketing efforts, we highly recommend working with the Tiny Planet Digital team!” 

Jocelyn Courneya Google Review   

A team dedicated to making your business strive

“Just completed an intrapreneurship cohort working for Tiny Planet Digital and wanted to express my gratitude on the experience. Their team was very organized, understanding, and provided just enough guidance to where I was challenged all throughout my time with their team and learned many new things about the digital marketing landscape. If you’re considering working with them for your business’ marketing, you will get a team dedicated to making your business strive. And from an employee aspect, expect to be treated with respect, expect clear guidelines for tasks and deadlines, and expect to have a collaborative experience to help grow the company and their clients!” 

Karyll Noel Google Review 

3. Stigan Media Web Design & Digital SEO Agency

Stigan Media Web Design & Digital SEO Agency's Banner

Address:  55 Water St #308, Vancouver, BC V6B 1A1, Canada

Contact Details: +1 778-379-0888

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 9 AM to 5:30 PM 

Website: Stigan Media Web Design & Digital SEO Agency

We reached out to Stigan Media to get the lowdown on their web design and SEO services. They’ve been in the game for a decade, signalling they know a thing or two about navigating the digital space in Vancouver.

We liked how, right off the bat, they offered us a complimentary audit and marketing proposal. This no-strings-attached approach allowed us to dip our toes in the water without fear of a surprise commitment – it’s as refreshing as finding an open spot on Granville Street on a busy afternoon. 

Now, onto something that every business owner loves to hear: maximizing ROI. Many of the clients we spoke talked about the tailored strategies they received aimed at beefing up their return on their digital marketing investments.

And what we gleaned from our own free digital marketing proposal was their ability to weave in considerations for brand identity and user experience. 

However, if we had to pinpoint a downside, it would be that they didn’t answer our call until the third time.


  • ROI-focused
  • Free audit and marketing proposal
  • Years of experience


  • Can be hard to get hold of

Customer Reviews

Efficiently redesigned our website 

Dealing with Stigan has been both a pleasure and extremely productive.   Not only did they efficiently redesign our website but recommended a variety of tools to increase traffic which has resulted in a doubling of our activity.  I highly recommend Stigan and our contact Adwin Lui to any and all.” 

Chuck MacDougall, Google Review 

Professionalism and expertise make them the ideal choice 

“I am extremely grateful to Sandro, Kelsey, and the entire Stigan Team for their support in the successful launch of my website. Their work is truly exceptional, and I cannot thank them enough. Throughout the process, Kelsey remained receptive to collaboration, allowing us to work together seamlessly in creating a captivating website that I am thrilled to share with the world. The Stigan Team’s responsiveness was outstanding. They swiftly addressed any inquiries or changes I had, and they were extremely flexible in adapting to my evolving needs. They went above and beyond to ensure that my website was launched according to my preferred timeline, displaying a level of dedication and commitment that truly impressed me. I am delighted to share that since the launch of my website just days ago, I have already received positive feedback from numerous visitors. If you are seeking a sophisticated and functional website that truly represents your business and personal brand, I highly recommend reaching out to Stigan Media for all your online needs. Their professionalism and expertise make them the ideal choice for creating a remarkable online presence”

Phebe Trotman Google Review 

4. Monday Creative Inc

Monday Creative Inc's Banner

Address: 877 E Hastings St #205, Vancouver, BC V6A 3Y1, Canada

Contact Details:  +1 604-240-9056

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday –  9 AM to 5 PM 

Website:Monday Creative Inc 

After speaking one-on-one with the Monday Creative team, it became apparent that they dive into the essence of what their clienteles’ company does with fervour. 

It’s one thing to market a product—it’s another to do so through the lens of genuine understanding and passion. Monday Creative excels here, leveraging their team’s personal love for the outdoors to craft compelling narratives that resonated with the target audience.

And from speaking with former clients, their content wasn’t just seen. It was felt, and the engagement metrics mirrored this. 

However, not every brand is into the active lifestyle sphere, so Monday Creative’s magic might not hit the mark with the same intensity due to their niche focus.

Additionally, while their boutique size allows for personalised attention and tailored strategies, it does mean that if you’re looking for the sprawling reach that larger agencies boast, you might find their capabilities a bit constrained. 


  • Strong storytelling
  • Personalised attention
  • Authentic and passionate content


  • Niche focus on active lifestyle mainly
  • Limited reach 

Customer Reviews

Took the magic of our origin story and evolved it to meet the next chapter of growth

“As VP, Marketing of a women’s apparel retailer, I hired Monday Creative to refine our brand positioning and refresh our visual identity—taking the magic of our origin story and evolving it to meet the next chapter of growth. Our deliverables were consistently robust and beautifully packaged—an expression of the pride and care that their team invests in their client work. Monday has attracted an incredible roster of people who deeply care about their work and are committed to excellence. Not only are they whip-smart and incredibly tuned into industry trends, but they are also delightful to work with and have struck a beautiful balance between professional and approachable. I’d recommend Monday to any company, big or small, looking to revitalize their brand foundations and stand apart from competition.” 

Michelle Lazar Google Review  

Their team is kind, dedicated, experienced, nimble, and truly take the time to listen

“So honoured to have had the opportunity to work alongside Monday Creative as they supported Debrand with promotional assets for a conference in Fall 2022. Their team is kind, dedicated, experienced, nimble, and truly take the time to listen to best strategize how they can support each and every business.

Not to mention, they place so much importance on supporting local businesses and mission-based organizations seeking to make the world a brighter place. I would recommend them to all in my network, and work with them again in a heartbeat” 

Imre Debrand Google Review 

5. Playheads Digital Marketing

Playheads Digital Marketing's Banner

Address: 13988 Maycrest Way Unit 125, Richmond, BC V6V 3C3, Canada

Contact Details:  +1 778-784-7787

Operating Hours: Open 24 Hours

Website:  Playheads Digital Marketing

If you’re after targeted growth in the Chinese-Canadian market, Playheads Digital Marketing could very well be your golden ticket.

Our conversation with them was nothing short of enlightening, steering our brand towards visible growth in uncharted territories. They’ve got this unique knack for dialling into cultural subtleties, which, from what we’ve seen, works wonders for different campaigns.

We also liked how they’re all about the data. We implemented the strategies shared with us on our call, and saw a significant uptick in our website traffic.

But hey, here’s the catch: if you’re looking for a one-stop shop, Playheads might leave you wanting. They’re wizards at SEO and social media marketing but fall short on content creation, or PPC. So, you might need to juggle another agency if those are on your wishlist. 

Also, their expertise doesn’t come cheap, potentially making smaller businesses think twice. 

And while we admired their strategic prowess, we kind of missed jamming together on creative ideas. Playheads has a “strategy first, creation later” vibe, which means if you’re all about the brainstorm, you might find them a bit too straight-laced. 


  • Experts in the Chinese-Canadian market
  • Data-driven approach
  • Strong SEO and social media marketing


  • Limited client involvement in creative process
  • Not great at PPC in-house/content creation

Customer Reviews

One of the most professional agencies that I have ever worked with

” Playheads is one of the most professional agencies that I have ever worked with for paid ads and SEO. Besides as a client, Roger and I are also close friends right after our first case. It has been a great pleasure working with him and his team!” 

Shawn Pang Google Review 

Innovative, professional, and results-driven

“Playheads exceeded our digital marketing expectations! Innovative, professional, and results-driven, they’ve been instrumental in boosting our online presence and sales. Highly recommend them as a top-notch partner in success.” 

Shawn Wang Google Review