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Vancouver’s 5 Best Accountants for Stress-Free Accounting

Vancouver's 5 Best Accountants for Stress-Free Accounting
We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

I hate doing my own accounting. My spreadsheet always looks like a nervous breakdown, and let’s just say the only number I successfully crunch quickly is the one on my therapist’s bill.

Since then, I’ve come up with a better solution and turned to an actual accountant. Before choosing one, though, I did a ton of research! I even got the Waterview team to help me out with it.

That’s also how we ended up putting together this list of all the best accountants in Vancouver. No sense in letting others suffer the same nervous breakdowns I used to get when accounting help is just around the corner, right?

How much does hiring an accountant in Vancouver cost?

In Vancouver, the average hourly rate for hiring an accountant starts at $150. However, you can expect to pay up to $400 an hour depending on the experience and services offered by the accountant. 

How We Chose

Services: We took into consideration the services that different accountants in Vancouver could offer us. Bookkeeping, tax prep, and even financial planning to keep our financial stresses at bay.
Communication Style: We were looking for an accountant who could break down things in layman’s terms and not simply answer our questions but also patiently explain anything we needed.
Availability: We wanted an accountant who was available to us when we needed them. This was someone who could respond to our questions and concerns promptly, not someone who would leave us wondering for weeks.
Fees: Of course, cost is always a factor. We needed to find an accountant who was affordable but still gave great value for the money. 

1. Spurrell & Associates 

Spurrell & Associates Banner

Address: 1477 W Pender St #201, Vancouver, BC V6G 2S3, Canada

Contact Details: +1 604-867-0057

Operating Hours: 

  • Monday to Friday – 8 AM to 7 PM
  • Saturday – 8 AM to 5 PM


Spurrell & Associates takes a real “entrepreneur’s corner” approach. Their emphasis is on helping businesses grow. 

From financial planning to navigating tax implications, they’re a one-stop shop! They help with bookkeeping, payroll, or complex tax filings. They even offer CFO services, which can be a game-changer for businesses that don’t have the budget for an in-house CFO. 

Besides consultations and coaching, they also have a YouTube channel with informative videos. That shows they’re transparent and willing to share their knowledge, which is always a big plus. 

Their website could use some work, though. For instance, it lacks clear guidance on fees or even estimates, which means you need to actually speak with them to get a quote.


  • One-stop-shop
  • CFO services
  • Informative Youtube channel 


  • Opaque pricing

Customer Reviews

Explained things to me without making me feel simple

“Working with the Spurrell team has been a fantastic experience.  Josh took the time to explain things to me in a simple manner without making me feel simple.  Josh puts himself in your position as if he were running the company.  They may not be an expert at your business, but they put in the effort to learn what you do and how they can help.

They are especially good at thinking of things you may not have thought of, like planning an exit strategy.  They are very creative when it comes to structuring your company so it will last for generations to come.”

John Groves, Google Reviews

Very professional, easy to understand and hassle free

“My family has been using Spurrell in Edmonton for years now. Very professional, easy to understand and hassle free. They give us 100% quality service. I would recommend Spurrell & Associates for experienced accounting professionals.”

Gin Fizz, Google Reviews

2. Vancouver Small Business Accountant

Vancouver Small Business Accountant's Banner

Address: 755 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1X6, Canada

Contact Details: +16042272552

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday – 7 AM to 9 PM


VSBA is a relatively new company, and that can sometimes mean a lack of experience. Despite that, they impressed us enough to end up on this list.

We threw a random Saturday afternoon inquiry their way, and they got back to us within the hour. What’s more, they broke everything down in plain English making it easy to understand everything we asked about. 

In the email we received, we also liked how they didn’t try to fit us into a one-size-fits-all corporate mold. They offered solutions specifically tailored to our needs and budget.

And although their website wasn’t bad, we would have liked to see more details about their services and pricing options as well. It makes shopping around for options so much easier.


  • Quick responses
  • Tailored services


  • Relatively new company

Customer Reviews

Understands your business as a whole

“Excellent accountants who’d go the extra mile to understand your business as a whole. I have nothing but positive things to say to Accountant Partners! They give amazing input/business advice ideal for small businesses and they’ve helped us be more efficient. We are a small business (real estate) based in Vancouver and Toronto.”

Jude Gallagher, Google Reviews

Consistent reliable accountants 

“This team provides excellent accounting services year after year for my Vancouver tax returns. I highly recommend their firm to any other serious small business owners that want consistent reliable accountants.”

Hayden Cherry, Google Reviews

3. Argento CPA

Argento CPA's Banner

Address: 36 Water St, Vancouver, BC V6B 0B7, Canada

Contact Details: +16043060165

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 8:30 AM to 5 PM


Argento CPA is all about cloud-based accounting systems. This means real-time data, streamlined processes, and (hopefully) less time wrestling with paperwork. For busy entrepreneurs, that’s a major win.

These accountants see themselves as business partners, helping you not just file your taxes but also plan for the future. They help clients achieve their “ideal lifestyles” and make strategic business decisions—a refreshingly holistic approach, if you will.

While Argento CPA offers a good range of services, from bookkeeping to tax prep, they seem to cater more to a specific niche. If you’re a larger company with complex needs, they might not be the best fit.

And Argento CPA is a smaller team than most. While this can mean personalized service, it might also mean they have less bandwidth for taking on a ton of new clients.


  • Good range of services
  • Cloud-based system
  • Strategic business decisions


  • Not for larger companies
  • Less bandwidth for new clients

Customer Reviews

Michelle’s expertise and dedication has been invaluable to me

“Argento CPA has been my go-to accountant for the past five years, managing my personal Canadian and US taxes, as well as handling my corporate taxes. Their team is excellent and has helped me out countless times. Michelle’s expertise and dedication have been invaluable to me throughout this time. She is not only highly skilled in her field but also incredibly responsive and proactive. Their guidance and support have been instrumental in navigating the complexities of cross-border and corporate taxation. I highly recommend Argento CPA to anyone in need of accounting services. Thank you for all your help!”

Alison Fleischauer, Google Reviews

Took a lot of the stress off my plate

“I’ve been filing my taxes with Argento for the past few years and have found their service to be incredibly helpful. Michelle is thorough and detail oriented in a way my previous CPA’s were not, catching omissions from previous years. I’ve certainly learned a thing or two from her in the process. The process of communicating and sharing/uploading information is easy, which took a lot of the stress off my plate. I would definitely recommend Argento, especially if you’re filing taxes in Canada and the US.”

Alex Gabriel, Google Reviews

4. BDG Cloud Accountants LLP

BDG Cloud Accountants LLP's Banner

Address: 701 W Georgia St #1500, Vancouver, BC V7Y 1C6, Canada

Contact Details: +16042003067

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 9 AM to 5 PM


BDG’s cloud-based approach involves some of the best accounting software on the market. No more scrambling for receipts or filing cabinets filled with invoices—everything is accessible online to save time and money.

Their Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and Certified General Accountants (CGAs) have a reputation for handling complex financial situations. Despite that, they explain things in language that anyone can understand—yet without dumbing it down. 

However, while we’ve been told the team at BDG is always ready to respond if you reach out, we did hear many clients had to initiate contact more often than not. It wasn’t our experience with them, but it’s still worth a note.

As such, we think they could do more proactive communication, especially when it comes to deadlines. A heads-up email here and there would be great.


  • Cloud-based approach
  • All-CPA/CGA team


  • No proactive communication

Customer Reviews

Reliable, knowledgeable and professional

“Rick Bains at BDG Accountants has been helping me with my taxes for several years now. It’s been great to find someone so reliable, knowledgeable and professional in this field. My taxes are a bit complex involving international income. Rick keeps everything on track and above board so I have peace of mind. Highly recommended.”

Claire Inglis, Google Reviews

Go well above and beyond what we’ve expected from an accountant

“We switched to using Jerry from BDG accounting just about a year ago and it was easily the best decision we’ve made for both our businesses and our personal tax needs. We’re from Vancouver Island but Jerry and his team make it extremely easy to communicate back and forth. They all go well above and beyond what we’ve expected from an accountant. Highly recommend!”

Stacey Usborne, Google Reviews

5. Olga V. Plugina CPA – Accounting Firm Vancouver

Olga V. Plugina CPA - Accounting Firm Vancouver's Banner

Address: Larch St, Vancouver, BC V6M 4E2, Canada

Contact Details: +16044048020

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 9 AM to 5 PM


When we met with Olga for a consultation, we liked that she took the time to understand our specific needs and financial goals. She was a breath of fresh air compared to some cookie-cutter accounting experiences we’ve had. 

She explained things in a way that was easy to understand too, even for those of us without accounting degrees. To be fair, she’s probably had to do it a lot, given over 15 years of experience under her belt. 

Anyway, Olga’s rates are competitive, especially considering the level of service she provides. Being a smaller firm, though, she doesn’t have a huge team behind her. 

While this can be a positive for those who prefer a single point of contact, it might not be ideal for those needing a larger team or more specialized services. And since Olga seems to be the main point of contact, scheduling appointments can get a bit tricky. 


  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Fair rates


  • Scheduling difficulties
  • Not ideal for large businesses

Customer Reviews

Above and beyond is an understatement 

“Olga was absolutely fantastic! I had a trillion questions and she was always very kind and patient. She is not only an amazing accountant, but also an excellent person. To say she went above and beyond is an understatement. I am extremely grateful for everything that she helped me with, and I would highly recommend her over any other accountant I’ve met before!”

Bianca B. R., Google Reviews

A good knowledgeable accountant 

“We have been using Olga’s services for a few years now. She is always professional and very knowledgeable in her field. We tend to ask a lot of income tax-related questions, and she always takes her time to patiently respond to each question. I highly recommend her if you’re looking for a good knowledgeable accountant.”

Ilya S, Google Review