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The Top 5 Interior Designers in Vancouver Who Can Take Your Home from Bland to Glam

The Top 5 Interior Designers in Vancouver Who Can Take Your Home from Bland to Glam
We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

We’re all huge fans of DIY here at Waterview. Don’t get us wrong, it can be incredibly rewarding… Until you try to design your entire house based on overly ambitious Pinterest boards and questionable online tutorials.

Case in point: my family’s valiant attempt at a “rustic chic” kitchen. We envisioned exposed brick, reclaimed wood countertops, and maybe a resident rooster for that true farmhouse vibe (jury’s still out on the rooster). What we achieved was more “demolition derby” than dreamy.

Needless to say, we’ve since called in the professionals. Given how much research we had to do before settling on one, we know all the best ones in Vancouver to call by now! If you need a designer too, here are the top options from the pack.

How much does hiring an interior designer in Vancouver cost? 

The average flat rate cost for hiring an interior designer in Vancouver starts at $2,000. Of course, this doesn’t involve the prices of furniture and any other additional charges involved – it’s just an estimate.

How We Chose

Style: We scoured the interior designers’ portfolios, making mental notes on the colours, textures, and overall vibes they created. We looked for someone who could translate our dream homes from a Pinterest board to reality.
Chemistry. We set up consultations with a few designers and chatted about our vision. We looked for someone who felt like a partner, bouncing thoughts around and getting excited about the project with us.
Budget: We came to the table with a ballpark number, and we made sure the designers we talked to could work within that range. Transparency about fees and how they structure their services was important.
Experience. Sure, a fresh perspective is great, but a designer who’s been around the block has probably tackled curveballs before. We wanted someone who could handle unexpected hiccups and navigate the world of contractors and sourcing with ease.

1. Curated Home by Chrissy & Co

Curated Home by Chrissy & Co's Banner

Address: 1637 W 3rd Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1K1, Canada

Contact Details: +16045640404

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 10 AM to 6 PM


Curated Home by Chrissy & Co. is a fantastic option for Vancouverites seeking a luxurious and personalized design experience. However, be prepared to invest, because the services are not cheap!

Regardless of price, we were big fans of Chrissy’s design philosophy. She doesn’t get bogged down by trends, instead opting for a timeless blend of classic and contemporary elements.

And while Chrissy offers design consultations, she’s best suited for full-service projects. So, if you just want some design pointers, you might be better off browsing design blogs.

She also has an eye for good stuff. When we visited her showroom, we spent way too long oohing and aahing over unique finds and statement pieces. She puts a lot of love into selecting each item, and it shows in the overall curation.

One thing that really struck us, though, was Chrissy’s focus on her clients. She creates a space that reflects the homeowner’s personality and aspirations. We especially liked her emphasis on open communication and collaboration throughout the design process.


  • Luxury and contemporary designs
  • Has an eye for statement pieces 
  • Great communication 


  • Expensive
  • Full-service projects only

Customer Reviews

Her style and eye for decor is classic, timeless

Curated Home By Chrissy is the best! Her style and eye for decor is classic, timeless! She knew within minutes exactly what I wanted! Her eye for timeless decor is what drew me to her services, she was pleasant, beautiful warm and charming to work with, i now consider her  a friend! She really helped me feel confident in the process! She is a complete professional and so sweet! I still reach out 7 years later to ask questions and she’s always willing to help out! I recently needed to touch up my door and asked her suggestion and she replied immediately!  I don’t know many others that would do the same! She is so talented! I highly recommend this gem and her company, my home is timeless and classic and I still love it 7years later! Her taste is exquisite!!! You won’t be disappointed!

Della Bond, Google Review 

Her style is timeless, bold, refined, and sexy

“Working with Chrissy of Curated Home was the absolute BEST experience. I cannot say enough good about her, her company, and her team (shoutout to Caroline). As a person, Chrissy is solid gold. You don’t meet too many like her in life and after our design journey I count myself lucky in calling her a friend as well. Now for the design…my house should be in a magazine, no kidding. I still pinch myself everyday waking up here. Chrissy is impeccable. She helped me bring my vision to reality and we had the most fun doing it. Her style is timeless, bold, refined, and sexy. She is a master of her trade. I found her knowledge of design all-encompassing with an ability to create exquisite juxtapositions. Her execution of neoclassical with Hollywood Regency, for instance, flawless! Read the reviews, check the website, Curated Home is the real deal. You will not be disappointed.”

Christina Troll, Google Review 

2. Shift Interiors 

Shift Interiors Banner

Address: 1633 W 3rd Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1K1, Canada

Contact Details: +17786680659

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 9:30 AM to 5 PM 


Shift Interiors creates spaces that resonate with who you are. From the get-go, Jamie takes the time to truly understand her client’s vision and lifestyle. 

Many of her former clients we spoke with liked that she didn’t just take them to pick out paint colors. Rather, she introduced them to design elements they never would have considered, and the end results always ended up stunningly beautiful.

Others mentioned to us that everything Jamie does is top-notch, from the materials used to the builders she works with. 

One thing that stood out among the things we’ve heard was that her communication was on point. Many of her former clients liked how Jamie kept them in the loop throughout the entire project, which helped them feel confident and in control.

Sure, some told us they experienced a few minor delays. So, timelines might not always be set in stone.


  • Top-notch materials
  • Communication on point
  • Designs unique personal spaces


  • Occasional minor delays

Customer Reviews

 “ I heard about SHIFT Interiors from my realtor who had SHIFT redesign their home. They were thrilled and so am I. I am filled with gratitude to Kelsey and Jamie for everything they planned to make the space what it is. Though I do have some design sensibilities and have DIY’d spaces before going with SHIFT was a much better path. 100% worth it! They have a special gift for listening and designing the space to be beautiful, restful, elegant, efficient, timeless, and stunning…really stunning! In my home they fulfilled the SHIFT brand promise: “Spaces play host to our lives, our thoughts, emotions and actions. A carefully designed space is a wellspring of renewal. Shift designs beautiful spaces that breed wellness and spur transformation.” They were right about every single detail they planned and I appreciated their patience with me through the process. It involved a lot of decisions for me and their kindness and patience made all the difference. It space is F A B U L O U S ! Everything they planned is perfect and I’m in awe of the space daily. My contractor enjoyed working with and easily trusted Kelsey with the details through the breadth of the project. I highly recommend this company and people who make it happen.

Lise Struthers Google Review

“I can highly recommend Jamie and her team after having completed a full house Vancouver renovation with Shift Interiors. As the GC, I was very close to the Owners throughout the design phase and can say that we felt that Shift provided great value, fantastic ideas and delivered a high quality package for my team to work from. I hope to do more work with Shift in the future.

Matt Jesson Google Review

3. HART HOUS interior design

HART HOUS interior design's Banner

Address: 1371 W 13th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6H 1N7, Canada

Contact Details: +1 604-250-1577

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 9 AM to 5 PM 


After observing Samena, an interior designer at Hart Hous, we can say Hart Hous is a solid choice for Vancouverites seeking a collaborative and budget-conscious interior design experience, particularly those drawn to modern aesthetics. 

However, for those who crave a more distinctive or traditional design or need a super-detailed breakdown of every cost, you might want to explore the options further.

One of the things we liked most about Samena was her willingness to work within her clients’ budgets. She offered creative solutions and alternative materials to achieve the look their clients wanted without breaking the bank.

We also observed that her communication was clear and consistent with her clients. We liked how she ensured they knew what the next step was and what to expect timeline-wise. 


  • Budget-conscious designs
  • Modern aesthetic designs


  • No cost breakdowns

Customer Reviews

“It was so amazing to work with Samena on a spec package for a new build design – as lovers of colour and whimsy, we were feeling despondent scrolling through pages and pages of white and grey kitchens in designers’ profiles, not seeing ourselves reflected anywhere. Samena’s work was a breath of fresh air! She was able to narrow down our focus and keep things collected and cohesive while still making bold choices that we wouldn’t even have dared to consider on our own. We can’t wait to see her ideas come to life! 

Victoria Schmidt Google Review

“Samena brought a wealth of experience and creative design ideas that got both me and wife really excited about changes we can make to our home. Her intake process is very thorough that helped her jump right into design consultation when she arrived at our home. Can’t wait to implement the ideas she had! Highly recommend!

Ryan Knill Google Review

4. DT Design Studio

DT Design Studio's Banner

Address: 1275 W 6th Ave #326, Vancouver, BC V6H 1A6, Canada

Contact Details: +1 604-639-0031

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 9 AM to 5 PM 


DT Design Studio is for anyone who craves a personalized and creative approach to interior design. Just be prepared for a little communication ping-pong and the budget that comes with a space that feels like a million bucks.

From my experience, DT Design Studio made me feel like their top priority. They really took the time to understand my vibe and what I wanted out of my office space.

And even though I threw some pretty wild ideas their way, they ran with them, translating my scattered thoughts into a cohesive design plan that blew me away. The 3D renderings were amazing—I felt like I could practically walk right into my  dream office!

I also liked how they handled everything from permits (major headache averted!) to finding the perfect light fixtures. It was a huge weight off my shoulders, and it meant I could actually enjoy the design process (most of the time!).

Sometimes, though, getting a hold of the team proved a little tricky. I’d leave messages and wait a bit for a response. DT Design Studio might not be the best choice if constant communication is a main priority.


  • Awesome 3D renderings
  • Cohesive design plans
  • A one-stop-shop for design 


  • Laggy communication

Customer Reviews

“ Milan and Zami are amazing! They made us feel comfortable right from the beginning and really listened to us during the design process to capture what we wanted – the designs exceeded our expectations by far.

They were always available and responsive when we had questions. Their communication was excellent throughout the renovation process and they made it so we didn’t have to worry about a thing, which alleviated a lot of our stress.

Highly recommend the team at DT Design Studio and will definitely use them for any future renovations 

– Mark Zhou Google Reviews

“The very best experience working with Milan, Zami and their incredible crew. From start to finish they were a pleasure to deal with, and they created our dream home within an insanely tight deadline and on budget.

If you are looking for the best people and the best outcome, do not hesitate – you won’t find better. Thank you DT Design Studio. Can’t wait to work with you again.

Gaby Google Review 

5. Space Harmony

Space Harmony's Banner

Address: 1398 Homer St, Vancouver, BC V6B 6A7, Canada

Contact Details: +1 604-500-0120

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 9 AM to 5 PM


Negar Reihani, the founder and principal designer, is a rock star. She has a knack for creating spaces that feel both high-end and incredibly liveable—a fantastic combination. 

We especially love her collaborative approach. Clients told us that Negar took the time to understand their vision and preferences, and she wasn’t afraid to gently nudge them outside of their comfort zone when she thought it would elevate the final product.

However, they did tell us too that Space Harmony’s services were not on the cheap side, so anyone on a budget should take note of this before going with Space Harmony.


  • Elegant and timeless designs
  • Collaborative approach


  • Expensive 

Customer Reviews

“ Negar is the most compassionate, patient and of course talented person you will ever work with! She definitely catered to the design we wanted and brought it to life! Very detailed oriented and will be there for every step of the way. She is open minded when we suggest different designs to what we want and will suggest what is best to suit the design. All my clients love the design she made for my business and couldn’t be more happier and grateful for her. Will always work with her for future projects for sure! Thank you Negar

Alyssa Tanada Google Reviews 

“ Our clinic hired Negar/space harmony to design a new clinic and we are so happy with the finished project!  From the initial meeting through the design process to construction it was a pleasure to work with Negar. She’s also just a wonderful person to work with. Would recommend to anyone who’s looking for a designer for a new project!

Rajesh Hiralal Google Reviews