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Get Rid of Thin Lips with These 5 Lip Filler Clinics in Vancouver 

Get Rid of Thin Lips with These 5 Lip Filler Clinics in Vancouver
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I admit it. I’ve scrolled through Instagram, mesmerized by those impossibly plump pouts, and thought I could totally do it myself. 

Next thing I know, I’m elbow-deep in internet tutorials, armed with a syringe, and…well, let’s just say it wasn’t hyaluronic acid. (Spoiler alert: My lips ended up looking more deflated than like Angelina Jolie’s.) 

Thankfully, those days of DIY disasters are behind me. After asking around and doing my own trial and error, I’ve found all the best places in Vancouver for those perfect lip fillers. 

So if you’re thinking of getting a lip filler and don’t want to look like a blowfish, check out my list of all the best lip fillers in Vancouver.

How much do lip fillers cost in Vancouver? 

Lip fillers in Vancouver cost at least $400. This is just an estimate. The price will vary depending on where you go to get your lips done, and how much filler you get. 

How I Chose

Qualifications: When doing my research, I focused on whether the lip injectors were licensed medical professionals, ideally with a focus on facial aesthetics. I also looked for someone who showed before-and-after photos that matched the kind of look I was going for.
Fillers: Not all fillers are created equal. So I asked about the type of filler used and whether it would be right for me personally. Some last longer, some create more volume, and some are better for subtle enhancements.
Cleanliness: This should be a no-brainer, but I made sure the clinics I visited had a sparkling reputation for hygiene and safety. I asked about their sterilization procedures and checked if they had proper emergency protocols in place.
Consultations: The consultation is your chance to vibe with the injector. So during the consultations I went to, I looked for whether they listened, explained things clearly, and if I was comfortable with them. 

1. Caviar Skin Clinic Inc.

Caviar Skin Clinic Inc.'s Banner

Address: 1076 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2R9, Canada

Contact Details:+1 604-229-3777

Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Wednesday – 10 AM to 6 PM
  • Thursday & Friday – 10 AM to 7 PM
  • Saturday & Sunday – 10 AM to 5 PM

Website: Caviar Skin Clinic Inc.

Walking into Caviar Skin Clinic felt like stepping into a glam Instagram feed. Right away, I was greeted warmly by the receptionist and whisked away for my consultation.

Not going to lie, I was a little nervous (it’s needles in your lips, people!), but the injector put me at ease. They listened patiently to my goals (subtle plump, nothing too dramatic) and explained the different filler options in a way that wasn’t confusing. I left feeling confident and informed—a big plus!

And the actual injection process was pretty quick. The injector used a topical numbing cream, which helped, but let’s be real, it wasn’t a spa day. 

There was some pinching and poking, but it was totally manageable. Plus, the injector kept the mood light, which helped distract me from the little pinches.

At the end of it, I was obsessed with my lips. (You know I posted on the gram.) They looked fuller, but still natural—exactly what I wanted.

However, there were some tiny bumps right after the injection. Thankfully, it disappeared within a few days. 


  • Luxe and comfortable clinic 
  • Open communication
  • Natural-looking, yet fuller lips


  • Tiny bumps post-injection

Customer Reviews

Couldn’t be happier with the results

“I had an incredible experience getting lip fillers at Caviar! The entire team was great. Diane was so friendly and welcoming, and so was Dr. Noya. She was also very professional, attentive, and clearly passionate about what she does.

What impressed me the most was the speed of the process – it was considerably faster than my previous experiences elsewhere. That shows how skilled and experienced she is. The time I spent with numbing cream on my lips was longer than the time it took her to actually inject the fillers (it must’ve taken her about 5 minutes! I was amazed!).

I couldn’t be happier with the results and the overall welcoming atmosphere. Highly recommend!”

Raphaela Galvao, Google Reviews

Nerves melted away with Dr. Wilson’s confidence

“10/10 experience. I was very nervous to have first time lip filler done but had so many friends recommend Caviar and Dr. Amy Wilson. Wow, were they right. Within minutes my nerves melted away with Dr. Wilson’s confidence and friendly nature. She walked me through the entire process and listened to exactly what I had in mind. Her expertise was extremely comforting and you can tell she absolutely adores her profession. My lips turned out better than I could have expected and I can’t wait to continue the process and explore other services at Caviar as well! Thank you again Dr. Wilson, I can’t wait to return!”

Courtney Dickson, Google Reviews 

2. Dr. Lee Thompson

Dr. Lee Thompson's Banner

Address: 744 W Hastings St #116, Vancouver, BC V6C 2X1, Canada

Contact Details: +1 604-690-2462

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 10 AM to 5 PM

Website: Dr. Lee Thompson

Let’s just say that Dr. Thompson isn’t new to the filler game. The clinic has over 20 years of experience, and it shows.

It wasn’t easy for my friends to get an appointment with them, though! They seemed to stay pretty booked, so snag a consultation well in advance, especially if you have a specific date in mind.

The actual consultation wasn’t a quick chat before the needle hit their lips. They had a thorough consultation where Dr. Thompson listened closely to what they wanted (subtle plump, full glam, etc.) and explained everything in terms they understood.

While Dr. Thompson himself did the consultations, it’s worth noting that a nurse injector performed the actual lip filler procedure. Thankfully, my friends’ lips didn’t come out overdone, like a duck-lip look.

And from what I was told, the clinic itself is clean and professional, Dr. Thompson’s clinic falls in line with typical pricing for lip fillers, so it’s definitely an investment.


  • 20 years of experience
  • Thorough consultations
  • Clean clinic


  • Not easy to get an appointment
  • Dr.Thompson didn’t do the injections
  • Not budget-friendly

Customer Reviews

Always obsessed with the results

“Dr. Amy Marie is amazing!! I have gone to her for my lip filler and Botox for over a year now, and she always does such an amazing job. I’m always obsessed with the results. Also, she’s very accommodating with me and my fear of needles during the process.

The office has such a warm, welcoming environment. The receptionist Jeannie is always so kind and helpful; I can always get an appointment very quickly, which is amazing. I recommend this place to everyone!”

Martina “Marty” Perry, Google Reviews

So subtle and natural looking 

“Amy was very supportive and helpful as it was my first time and I was very nervous. The results were exactly what I wanted – so subtle and natural looking but improved my top lip in exactly the way I wanted. I can absolutely see myself going back.”

Ani Trevillion, Google Reviews

3. Sarah Vallee Injectables

Sarah Vallee Injectables Banner

Address: 1625 Hornby St #102, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2M2, Canada

Contact Details: +1 604-562-8595

Website: Sarah Vallee Injectables

Booking an appointment with Sarah was a bit tricky. She seemed to be in high demand (no surprise there!), so snagging a consultation slot took some persistence. 

But from the moment I walked into Sarah’s clinic, I knew it was worth the wait. The vibe was seriously chic and calming—zero sense of sterile doctor’s office dread. 

The staff was super friendly and welcoming, and Sarah herself is an absolute gem. She took the time to chat with me about my goals (a subtle plump, nothing too dramatic) and answer all my questions in a way that was informative and down-to-earth. 

The actual injection itself was pretty quick, and Sarah truly delivered on the natural-looking promise. My lips looked fuller, and not like I got stung by a bee. They had great shape and definition too.


  • Chic and calming clinic
  • Super friendly staff
  • Fuller and natural lips


  • Difficult to schedule an appointment

Customer Reviews

 Beautiful, kind and knowledgeable aesthetician

“Sarah is such a beautiful, kind and knowledgeable aesthetician. I was very insecure with my lips all my life and wanted to add more volume. She started me off with a very little bit of filler and slowly built from there to make the perfect, natural pout. The location, her top level professionalism, the ease of booking, and the overall gentle and non-pushy atmosphere is what makes Sarah and her team so unique in this industry. I’m so glad I came across her page. Cant wait to be back. I recommend her to all of my friends proudly.”

Leslie Woolman, Google Reviews 

I trust her with all my treatments

I would highly recommended Sarah and her wonderful team who are comforting and welcoming once you walk in to the moment you leave. I’ve seen Sarah a few times and I can’t say it enough but she is amazing at her job by comforting (before and after injectables) and making sure you walk out feeling great! My family members and I absolutely enjoy coming in to see Sarah. I trust her with all my treatments(so far with lip fillers, jaw and forehead Botox) and love the outcome every time!”

Merna Elias, Google Reviews 

4. Angela Dawn Injectables

Angela Dawn Injectables Banner

Address: 943 W Broadway #350, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1C6, Canada

Contact Details: +1 778-222-9759

Operating Hours: 

  • Monday & Saturday – 12 PM to 4 PM
  • Tuesday & Wednesday – 11 AM to 6:30 PM
  • Thursday – 10 AM to 6:30 PM
  • Friday – 12 PM to 5:30 PM

Website: Angela Dawn Injectables

Angela Dawn has a calming presence that immediately puts you at ease—a big plus when you’re about to get needles near your lips! 

When speaking with her, I noted that she focuses on achieving natural-looking results. She isn’t pushy about adding tons of filler (so if you want to have real plump lips, you’re better off elsewhere). 

Still, every one of her clients’ lips looked amazing! They were full but still looked soft—huge points for that.

However, I also observed that communication could be a bit clearer. Some of her clients I spoke with weren’t entirely sure how much filler they were getting beforehand. 

And the cost wasn’t completely spelled out until the consultation. Having a better idea of pricing and what each amount of filler achieves would have been helpful. 

Furthermore, many I talked to told me they would have loved a little more post-care guidance. A follow-up email with tips on swelling and aftercare would have been a nice touch.


  • Calming presence
  • Full and natural looking lips


  • Communication could be clearer
  • Little post-care guidance

Customer Reviews

Guides you to what is appropriate for your face

“Angela is amazing and so experienced. She explains things in a way that’s easy to understand and guides you to what is appropriate for your face instead of pushing you for things/volume you don’t need. She was able to subtly change the shape of my lips so that it still looked natural, but added the hydrated look I was going for. She also helped reshape my face so that it’s slimmer and longer. She really made me trust her judgement and her skills!”

Nicole Wu, Google Reviews

My lips look amazing 

“Angela was amazing! I found her through one of my friends. I have never had filler before so was a little nervous going into it. After talking with her for a few minutes before , all my nerves went away. She was so well educated and listened to exactly what I wanted. My lips look amazing 🙂 I can’t wait to see her again in the future!”

Alyssa Macpherson, Google Reviews

5. Mini Medi Spa

Mini Medi Spa's Banner

Address: Unit 101, 1675 Hornby Street | Along, Seabreeze Walk, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2M2, Canada

Contact Details: +16043517324

Website: Mini Medi Spa

Jasmine of Mini Med Spa demonstrated expertise, and her attentiveness made my relatives feel confident and comfortable throughout the entire lip filler process. 

However, they also told me that booking an appointment took some time, and the price tag wasn’t exactly pocket change.

Despite these things, they liked how Jasmine had chill vibes and genuine knowledge. She patiently answered all their newbie questions (and there were a lot).

Plus, major props for her calming demeanour during the actual injection—it definitely helped keep their butterflies at bay.

They weren’t interested in going full Kardashian, and Jasmine was able to tailor the treatment to achieve that. My relatives opted for a very small amount of filler, but the difference still looked amazing. 


  • Clear expertise
  • Very attentive
  • Tailors treatment to custom looks


  • Not budget-friendly
  • Not for last minute appointments

Customer Reviews

Made me feel so comfortable 

“Me, along with my sister and cousin booked Jasmine to get our lips done. It was our first time and it was such a memorable experience that we’ll never forget. Due to it being our first time, we were unsure of how much filler is needed and Jasmine was able to answer all of our questions. She is very knowledgeable, informative and definitely knows what she is doing. I was very nervous and I am someone with a low pain tolerance. However, Jasmine made me feel so comfortable and walked me down the entire procedure. Thank you so much again Jasmine, I love my results and I can’t wait to come back to you again!!”

Amrit Randhawa, Google Reviews

Did exactly what I was looking for

“I’ve been coming to see Dr. K here for years and decided to come see Jasmine for lip fillers yesterday. She was very sweet and informative throughout the entire process. She did a thorough consultation and made sure to check in with me every so often to make sure everything was looking/feeling okay. She did exactly what I was looking for and I am so happy with the result. They look so much better already and I’m looking forward to seeing how they look once fully healed. Thank you Jasmine! I will be back :)”

Tara T, Google Reviews