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5 Best Nutritionists in Vancouver Who’ll Make You Love Brussels Sprouts

5 Best Nutritionists in Vancouver Who'll Make You Love Brussels Sprouts
We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

There was a time when my diet consisted solely of microwaveable mac ‘n’ cheese and the occasional slice of pizza. No judgement—we’ve all been there, right? 

Anyway, it was all fun and games until my jeans wouldn’t zip up, and let me tell you, you haven’t lived till you’ve experienced denim mutiny. 

Like any rational adult, I turned to trusty Google and ended up with weird YouTube diet videos. So, I did my own research and spoke to several nutritionists and their clients. Since then, I’ve compiled a list of all the best ones—here’s who made my list. 

How much does it cost to hire a nutritionist in Vancouver? 

If you plan on hiring a nutritionist, expect to spend at least $125 an hour.

This price is just an estimate and will change depending on the experience of the nutritionist and the services you choose.

How I Chose

Client Reviews and Testimonials: Word-of-mouth in the digital age is pure gold. I scanned testimonials, the tear-jerking success stories and the occasional rant about Brussels sprouts coercion. 
Professional Credentials: I ensured these nutritionists weren’t just self-proclaimed “nutrition gurus.” I checked for legit credentials, like RD (Registered Dietitian) or MSC (Master of Science), after their names. Because the only letters I want guiding my nutrition are degrees, not BFFs with Gwyneth Paltrow. 
Specializations: I sought out nutritionists who specialized in relatable areas. Whether it was weight management, gut health, or sports nutrition, knowing they tailored their expertise to specific needs was a game changer. 
Personality: I consulted with each dietitian to get a feel for their personality. If I’m going to bare my soul about my 3 AM cookie binges, I better feel some empathy from their side. 

1. Vancouver Dietitians

Vancouver Dietitians Banner

Address: 3077 Granville St #201, Vancouver, BC V6H 3J9, Canada

Contact Details: +1 778-232-4458

Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Friday – 9 AM to 9 PM 
  • Saturday – 9 AM to 3 PM 

Website: Vancouver Dietitians

During the free discovery call I had with Alex, I immediately liked that her positivity seemed to rub off on me. That’s a big deal when it comes to dieting!

Note that she specialises in diets tailored to digestive health and plant-based nutrition (if that’s your thing). Her commitment to personalised, evidence-based care is evident from what her clients told me too.

Many mentioned that the dietitians in her group truly listened to their concerns and tailored their advice to fit individual needs. Some dealing with an eating disorder shared that their approach was life-changing and helped them build a healthier relationship with food. 

However, some mentioned that scheduling appointments could sometimes be tricky due to high demand. 


  • Plant-based nutrition 
  • Tailored diets 
  • Positive relationship with food


  • Scheduling can be challenging 

Customer Reviews

I love that she gives modifications or additions to your diet instead of restricting

“I came to Stephanie after struggling with hormonal side effects of an IUD (rapid weight gain, severe acne), with the goal of clearing my acne and help regulate my body into a healthy pain-free monthly cycle. I had tried all the things at this point and even was suggested Accutane. Stephanie was my last shot before I gave into such a strong drug. I also explained I wanted to try to conceive in the future and wanted to prepare my body. Stephanie’s approach is non-judgmental, and I love that she gives modifications or additions to your diet instead of restricting. She listens so well and I was mind blown by the results I got just by listening to her advice. I was able to clear 99% of my hormonal acne, was able to regulate my cycle pain-free, and was able to become pregnant quickly. I truly feel that she set me up for success and I am so grateful for her for helping me through my journey. I never thought it would be possible to get rid of my hormonal acne and my painful periods. I highly highly recommend seeing her if you need some help!”

Sarah G Google Review 

Open-minded and stay up-to-date with current research

“I’ve been working with Caroline Klemens, and can wholeheartedly recommend her and her work! She is supportive, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. Her approach to the delicate subject of one’s diet/ weight/ self confidence is unique and effective. Her knowledge is supported by years of practice of the subject, lots of scientific facts, and her kindness. I like to work with professionals who are open-minded and stay up-to-date with current research. This is what sets them apart from the crowd. I am looking forward to working with her until I reach my goal, and after for maintenance.”

ivana f Google Review 

2. Jessica Chan, RD

Jessica Chan, RD's Banner

Website: Jessica Chan, RD

Jessica Chan came highly recommended to me for her work with eating disorders and anaemia diet plans. During my consultation with her, I observed her empathetic and personalised approach firsthand. 

She uses scientific research to build dietary plans for her clients who struggle with hypertension, heart disease, gastrointestinal disorders, and more. I also noted she does corporate workshops and nutrigenomix—gene tests to determine your nutritional needs.

Among the people I spoke with, I heard nothing but praise for her for helping them rediscover joy in eating and accepting their bodies. Some mentioned that Jessica helped them break free from the unhealthy eating habits they had for years. 

Others bragged about her infant nutrition plans, making sure even their babies stay healthy. 

However, while Jessica is immensely supportive, some told me that she doesn’t accept some insurance providers. So, inquire with her office first if you’re using insurance.


  • Science-backed plans
  • Eating disorder and anemia diets 
  • Nutrigenomix
  • Corporate workshops


  • Doesn’t accept some insurance
  • Might be costly out-of-pocket

Customer Reviews

For anyone looking to get their nutrition and diet in order

“Jessica was fantastic! You definitely get your money’s worth. She provided me with very useful and knowledgeable tips and filled the entire hour of time. She tailored her recommendations to my personal goals and routine and provided personalized tips. She was very professional and made me feel comfortable during our meetings. I would highly recommend Jessica to anyone looking to get their nutrition and diet in order.”

Becky Mildon, Google Reviews 

Manner is very pleasant; she was easy to talk to

“I found Jessica to be very helpful with my questions regarding how my diet could be improved to better suit my goals.  She was very knowledgeable and addressed all of my concerns.  She did a detailed analysis of my diet at the time and suggested numerous ways in which it could be improved, with her suggestions tailored to my lifestyle and preferences.  She expanded upon suggestions given during our consultation with references giving additional choices that I have found to be highly useful.  Her manner is very pleasant; she was easy to talk to, and any technical explanations were presented in a readily understandable way.  I would highly recommend Jessica to anyone requiring professional input for their concerns regarding dietary issues.”

Cheryl T, Google Reviews

3. Yaletown Nutrition

Yaletown Nutrition's Banner

Address: 1118 Homer St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2G2, Canada

Contact Details: +1 604-992-3890

Operating Hours: 

  • Monday to Wednesday – 4 PM to 8 PM 
  • Friday – 2 PM to 6 PM 
  • Saturday  – 9 AM to 2 PM 

Website: Yaletown Nutrition

I’ve had the opportunity to connect with the team at Yaletown Nutrition and some of their clients. What stood out to me was their holistic approach, where they combine nutrition courses, meal planning, and even grocery store tours. 

Several raved about the practical advice on managing weight and digestive issues. As some people put it, their advice made their daily eating habits both healthier and more enjoyable. 

Others expressed that the grocery store tours were helpful in figuring out nutrition labels and what to look for. Still, some wished the grocery tours would be longer for an hour and felt a bit rushed. 

On the downside, a few told me they felt the cancellation policy could have been more flexible and there could have been a better selection of recipes for meal planning. 


  • Holistic approach
  • Nutrition course available 
  • Grocery tours available


  • Short grocery tours
  • Inflexible cancellation policy
  • Limited recipe options

Customer Reviews

Passionate, knowledgeable, understanding and well educated dietician 

“I cannot recommend Yaletown Nutrition enough! I’ve worked with Liz a few times over the past several years and I’ve found so much value after each session. Liz is a wealth of knowledge and truly wants to help others. She is compassionate and understands the reality of implementing dietary and lifestyle changes. If you’re looking for a passionate, knowledgeable, understanding and well educated dietician you’ve found the right business.”

Danielle Lawrence Google Review

Great service, quick communication, and exemplary professionalism 

“Working with Alexandra Haggis has been absolutely amazing and I cannot recommend Yaletown Nutrition enough!  All of the sessions are extremely tailored to your specific needs so that you don’t leave with any questions or issues unanswered.  I was dealing with a lot of digestive issues when I booked my first session, and Alexandra took the time to really know all of the details about my diet so that I could know the best solutions to implement to my personal nutrition. Great service, quick communication, and exemplary professionalism are all just an added bonus to this great practice :)”

Indi Smith Google Review 

4. Adrienne Ngai

Adrienne Ngai's Banner

Address: 1892 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6J 1Y9, Canada

Operating Hours:  Monday to Friday – 9:30 AM to 8 PM 

Website: Adrienne Ngai

Adrienne Ngai’s expertise in weight loss and diabetes management genuinely impressed all the people I spoke to. Several people highlighted her personalized coaching and unwavering support. 

And speaking briefly with Adrienne myself, I noted that support comes from having struggled with her own relationship with food in the past. From what she expressed, she’s dealt with strict diets and has since learned the balance. 

That balance hasn’t gone unnoticed by her clients. A few of her clients who struggle with diabetes shared with me that Adrienne’s guidance helped them lower their A1C levels significantly while still enjoying their meals. 

Others raved about how her follow-up support kept them motivated. However, a minor critique I heard from a few was about the intensive nature of the initial consultations. Good for some, but not ideal for those who prefer laid-back approaches.


  • Unwavering support
  • Good for weight loss
  • Diabetes management


  • Intense consultations 

Customer Reviews

Her expertise, professionalism, and dedication to her clients are truly unmatched

“I had the pleasure of working with Adrienne for one year to manage my diet and make positive lifestyle changes. Adrienne is an amazing dietitian who has a deep understanding of nutrition and the impact it has on our health and wellbeing. Throughout our sessions, Adrienne provided me with valuable insights and practical advice to help me make healthier food choices and develop sustainable eating habits. She always listened carefully to my concerns and goals, and tailored her recommendations to fit my individual needs. Thanks to Adrienne’s guidance, I have been able to make significant progress in managing my diet and improving my overall health. I have more energy, feel more confident in my food choices, and have achieved a healthier weight. I highly recommend Adrienne to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and compassionate dietitian who can help them make positive lifestyle changes. Her expertise, professionalism, and dedication to her clients are truly unmatched. Thank you, Adrienne, for all your support and guidance!”

Jonathan Wong Google Review 

No diets, no fads, no judgement

“Adrienne is the perfect ally in your journey to foster a better relationship with food. No diets, no fads, no judgement … just straight facts and process. Using her guidance, I was able to better understand my appetite and the food that I was eating. Her varied recipes are delicious, nutritious, and simple. I use them on a daily basis to ensure that my diet is well-rounded. I highly recommend her services if you are looking to make a permanent change in your lifestyle that you will be able to sustain.”

Kabir Mathur Google Review 

5. Cristina Sutter

Cristina Sutter's Banner

Address: 870 Baycrest Dr, North Vancouver, BC V7H 0B5, Canada

Contact Details: +16049874060

Operating Hours: 

  • Monday to Friday – 8 AM to 6 PM 
  • Saturday – 8 AM to 2 PM 

Website: Cristina Sutter

Cristina Sutter’s specialized focus on sports nutrition and menopause nutrition sets her apart. She’s available for both in-person and virtual appointments—-it’s your choice. 

Her insights on maintaining muscle mass, optimizing energy levels, and managing menopausal symptoms through diet have helped many women I’ve talked to. 

They appreciated her ability to make complex nutritional science accessible and actionable, ensuring they could implement changes seamlessly into their routine. 

And a few of the athletes she’s worked with praised her for creating tailored meal plans that boosted their endurance and recovery times noticeably. 

However, others did mention that at times it was hard to get hold of Christina outside of appointment times for questions they had about their new diet changes.


  • Sports nutrition 
  • Menopause nutrition
  • Tailored meal plans


  • Hard to get ahold of

Customer Reviews

Such a change from previous experiences of feeling drained

“I signed up with Cristina about 6 weeks ago for weight management for BJJ competitions. She analyzed my eating habits, offered suggestions and improvements and made a nutrition and hydration plan to get my weight down for my competition. The results were amazing. I had dinner the night before and even a small breakfast before weighing in, came in at exactly at my needed weight and felt great energy-wise for my fights. Such a change from previous experiences of feeling drained and dehydrated for weigh ins and trying to recover in time for my fights. I ended up winning my category, I can’t thank you enough for your help getting me there!”

S Z Google Review 

I started feeling great on my long runs (no nausea!!) 

“I highly recommend working with Cristina. I was looking for a personalized plan going in to my third marathon as I was unfortunately experiencing nausea during long runs and races. Cristina created a personalized plan for me for the months leading up to race day, including foods to eat/avoid, optimal times for meals, and a hydration plan. Working with her was an absolute game changer for me! I started feeling great on my long runs (no nausea!!) and just starting to really enjoy running again. I managed to get my Boston Qualifier, and placed 3rd in my age category. Couldn’t be happier with the service she provided.”

Adrienne Shumlich Google Review