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The 5 Best Fertility Clinics in Vancouver (Yes, They Are Parent Approved!)

The 5 Best Fertility Clinics in Vancouver (Yes, They Are Parent Approved!)
We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

Choosing a fertility clinic is a lot like online dating. Endless profiles to sift through, promising eternal happiness and delivering… Well, let’s just say less than that.

If you’ve hit a few bumps in finding the right fertility clinic, I’ll help you today. I’ve done my research and put together a list of the best fertility clinics in Vancouver. And no, I didn’t just rely on glossy online reviews and star ratings. I talked to the actual people—couples and singles—who’ve used these fertility clinic services themselves.

Where possible, I also set up consults with the fertility doctors themselves. After reviewing multiple fertility clinics, I have this: the no-bull roundup of fertility clinics in Vancouver for those tired of all the marketing claims and weak promises. 

How much does it cost to go to a fertility clinic in Vancouver? 

In Vancouver, most fertility assessments are free. However, expect to spend at least $200 for basic IVF consultation. This price is just an estimate and will increase depending on the IVF treatment package you choose, the fertility clinic you go with, and more.

How We Chose

Reputation and Success Rates: Aside from our survey responses, I checked out Google reviews and clinic websites for success stories! High success rates and positive testimonials from the customers I spoke with were my non-negotiables.
Cutting-edge Treatments: From IVF to more innovative fertility treatments, I wanted a clinic at the forefront of reproductive technology.
Accessibility and Service: I considered whether the clinics had a support system. Easy appointment scheduling, minimal wait times, and a compassionate staff made all the difference.
Comprehensive Care: I leaned towards clinics offering a holistic approach. Whether it was nutritional advice, counselling, or support groups, I valued a clinic that cared for their patients’ overall well-being.

1. Yinstill Reproductive Wellness

Yinstill Reproductive Wellness Banner

Address: 3523 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3N4, Canada

Contact Details:  +1 604-873-9355

Operating Hours: 

  • Monday to Thursday – 9 AM to 7 PM 
  • Friday – 9 AM to 6 PM 
  • Saturday – 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM 
  • Sunday – 12 PM to 6 PM 

Website: Yinstill Reproductive Wellness

A lot of people I talked to couldn’t stop raving about Yinstill Reproductive Wellness. They described Dr. Spence Pentland and Dr. Marni Ross as the dynamic duo of fertility, blending TCM wisdom with naturopathic know-how. 

Patients feel heard, with treatments tailored just for them, which is a breath of fresh air in the often impersonal world of healthcare. The vibe at Yinstill? Warm and supportive—it’s all there, making the fertility trek a bit less daunting.

But if you’re expecting a cheap deal, think again. Their quality and personalized care come with a price tag, and patience is needed because the wait times to see these sought-after pros can be long.

And from what I’ve noted, Yinstill doesn’t cover all the fertility treatments around, especially the high-tech stuff. And naturally, you probably won’t even be interested in them if you’re not big on stuff like TCM.

But if you’re good with a holistic, mind-body-soul approach, they might just be your fertility fairy godparents.


  • TCM
  • Supportive environment 


  • Long wait times
  • Costly treatments

Customer Reviews

I found a supportive community that has turned into family

“Junko is always so amazing! Not only is she kind and personable, she is incredible at what she does. If there’s anything happening to me health-wise, she is always able to find a way to help me through acupuncture. She greets me as a friend, and I always know that she is there for me in so many different ways. To top it off, the ladies at the front are always super friendly and so easy to get along with. When I was going through my fertilty journey, I was searching for support. When I started going to Yinstill, I found a supportive community that has turned into family!”

Mrs Townsend Google Review 

Helpful nutritional and fertility health guidance

“In my experience, Yinstill has offered me reliable and measured health support services for fertility and well-being. Dr. Liza has provided me with helpful nutritional and fertility health guidance. I have noticed improvements in my energy levels and health since I began receiving Dr. Liza’s naturopathic consultations and acupuncture treatments. I recommend working with Dr. Liza if you have any questions about reproductive health as well as concerns related to more advanced reproductive challenges. My understanding, from notices they have sent through their mailing list, is that practitioners at this clinic can also address pain management issues for pelvic related conditions across genders, and they offer support services for other forms of health challenges.”

April Google Review 

2.  Her Helping Habit 

Her Helping Habit's Banner

Address: 1988 Wylie St #512, Vancouver, BC V5Y 0N4, Canada

Contact Details: +1 403-910-9208

Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Friday – 8 AM to 6 PM 
  • Friday – 5 AM to 6 PM 
  • Saturday – 9 AM to 6 PM 

Website:Her Helping Habit 

Her Helping Habit is all about egg donation and surrogacy. From what I’ve observed, they’re big on making real, genuine connections between the parents-to-be and their donors or surrogates. So it’s not just a clinical process.

Many of the parents-to-be I talked to couldn’t stop raving about the kind of connection they made with their surrogate, which made their journey feel more special.

And for the surrogates, they’ve got counselling, help with all the nitty-gritty case stuff, and loads of resources to learn from. Communication here is top-notch—transparent, open, and empowering, at least from what I was told.

However, their focus on known donors and surrogacy might not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially since it can come with a heftier price tag. But for those looking to go the surrogate or donor route, Her Helping Habit may be a good place to start.


  • Connections with surrogates/donors
  • support and counselling for surrogates


  • Not for those uninterested in donors/surrogacy
  • Potentially expensive 

Customer Reviews

Great team, transparent communication, caring friendly people 

“I strongly believe Katie and Sarah make the dream team! From being professional and keeping the personal touch was something I admired when I came across them. It was more like having your friends around during the cycle rather than an agency! If you are looking for great team, transparent communication, caring friendly people to be part of your journey, Katie and Sarah are your people!” 

Shruti Basu Google Review 

Her Helping Habit is the company that gives you the most support 

“I researched many different companies before finally making the decision on what one I would want to work with when donating my eggs. I could not recommend this company more!! I was sooo nervous having this be the first time I donated. I had lots of annoying questions and spent countless hours chatting with Sarah who was my coordinator. Anytime I needed her or had a random question she was there. This company made me feel so welcomed and so a part of the family which I thin is just SO important when doing something as big as donating your eggs. It’s a big decision, and I truly feel that only Her Helping Habit is the company that gives you the most supoort and the most help throughout the entire process. I actually don’t know what I would have done without Sarah the whole time. She will forever hold a special place in my heart!” 

Tanis Crooks Google Review 

3. Luna Health Clinic

Luna Health Clinic's Banner

Address: 325 Howe St #101, Vancouver, BC V6C 1Z7, Canada

Contact Details:  +1 604-229-7029

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 8 AM to 6 PM 

Website: Luna Health Clinic

Luna brings a unique, natural vibe that’s a breath of fresh air for anyone tired of the same old fertility treatment routine. From speaking with a few of their doctors, the whole deal here is naturopathic fertility treatments like botanical medicine and natural supplements. 

So they’re not just recommending a basic IVF (unless that’s what you want). Many of their patients I spoke with liked the clinic’s thoroughness when it came to learning about the real problem behind fertility deficiencies.

And people couldn’t stop raving about how Luna tailors everything to fit you just right. From what I’ve seen, their doctors and staff take the time to actually listen, making you feel like you’re part of the family from the get-go. 

They’ve got tons of services specific to women’s health, from getting your labs done to acupuncture, IV therapy,and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), all aimed at getting your body in tip-top shape for fertility.

However, if you’re leaning more towards traditional fertility treatments, like a surrogate, Luna is not for you. And keep in mind that being a boutique clinic means they sometimes don’t have an opening for appointments right away.


  • Botanical medicinal fertility treatments
  • Wide range of services for women
  • Attentive doctors and staff


  • No surrogates here
  • Limited appointment availability

Customer Reviews

The IV suite looks directly out to the ocean so that makes it extra relaxing

“I saw Dr. Laura Nicholas for about 6 months prior to getting pregnant. She is a wonderful ND and is very passionate and knowledgeable in Women’s Health and fertility. You can tell that she really cares for her patients and genuinely wants to get you to reach your health goals and fix or problem solve the health issues you may be dealing with.

Her new clinic, Luna Health is a wonderful space right by the water. The IV suite looks directly out to the ocean so that makes it extra relaxing!

I would highly recommend Dr. Nicholas if you’re searching for an ND! And even more so if you’re looking for someone who specializes in women’s health + fertility.”

Luna G, Google Reviews

I felt that my health concerns were truly being seen, investigated, and addressed

“Dr. Nicholas is an incredible physician who has supported my health journey for over a year with success. Throughout my time seeing her, I felt that my health concerns were truly being seen, investigated, and addressed. I really appreciate Dr. Nicholas’ quality of care, attention, empathy, and ability to explain what is happening in a way I can understand it and give options on how to address it.”

Alia Yousef, Google Reviews

4. Olive Fertility Centre Surrey

Olive Fertility Centre Surrey's Banner

Address: 555 W 12th Ave #300, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3X7, Canada

Contact Details:  +1 604-559-9950

Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Friday – 7:15 AM to 4 PM 
  • Saturday & Sunday – 7:15 AM to 3 PM 

Website:  Olive Fertility Centre Surrey

From what I noted, everyone at Olive Fertility Centre, from the fertility doctors to the embryologists and even the front desk, really knows the ins and outs of fertility issues. At least, all the questions I threw at them were answered. 

Patients are spoilt for choice here with IVF, ICSI, IUI, or their superovulation treatments. They also have egg freezing available, surrogates, and donors here, BTW. 

With all the advanced tech at these doctors’ fingertips, many I talked to were pretty reassured when it came to hoping for the best outcome. Plus, their success rates, especially with IVF, are the kind of stats that help patients here stay optimistic.

And for those moments when patients need a breather from the clinic vibes, they’ve got things like acupuncture and mindfulness sessions to keep their zen levels in check.

But some of the couples I chatted with mentioned that the cost can spike, especially if a couple of rounds or more specialized help are needed. Plus, while Olive’s got support like counselling to help weather the emotional storms, some told me they felt a bit more could be done in the emotional backup department. 


  • Tons of fertility treatments
  • IVF success rates


  • Emotional support can be improved

Customer Reviews

Communication is by far a 10 star affair at this location

“My wife and I cannot express how happy we are to have found Olive Fertility Center to help us with our fertility journey. From the first day we contacted them, even with no immediate or definite plans to move forward with any procedure, Dr. Zhang and her staff made it very clear that they were there to help us. Every step of the way we were able to get prompt, mindful and ethical advice and education on the best plan of action for our specific case. For any interaction we had, someone ALWAYS got back to us same day, or the next day. Communication is by far a 10 star affair at this location. Even with the million and a half questions we had, no one ever made us feel as though we were a bother or unworthy of their time. Thank you Dr. Zhang and team for making our dream a reality.”

Thomas Frohock Google Review 

Remarkable dedication and professionalism

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the nurses and doctors at Olive Fertility Clinic for their exceptional care and support in helping individuals and couples achieve their fertility goals and build families. The entire team, particularly Dr. Nakhuda’s team, under whose care I am currently receiving, has demonstrated remarkable dedication and professionalism. They are always prompt in responding to my inquiries and concerns, and they listen attentively to my needs and provide comprehensive care. Overall, I am immensely pleased and satisfied with the services provided by Olive Fertility Clinic.”

Girlie Galdo Google Review 

5. Grace Fertility Centre

Grace Fertility Centre's Banner

Address: 604 W Broadway #210, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1G1, Canada

Contact Details:  +16045584886

Operating Hours: 

  • Monday to Friday – 8 AM to 4:30 PM
  • Saturday & Sunday – 8 AM to 2 PM

Website: Grace Fertility Centre

After chatting with some who’ve gone through treatments at Grace Fertility Centre and even snagging some time with the doctors there, I realized this place’s big draw is that it feels like you’re talking to family.

In other words, everyone here feels like they’re invested in your journey and genuinely want to see you succeed in becoming a parent. 

Their top-tier reproductive endocrinologists have walked so many people through this process. And from what I noted, their patients don’t lack that one-on-one attention. 

And there’s no shortage of treatments here—from IVF, IUI, surrogacy, or even if you’re looking to freeze your eggs, they’ve got it all. 

However, since they’re pretty popular and take their time with each patient, you might find yourself on a waitlist longer than you’d hoped. Yes, the cost can hit your wallet pretty hard.


  • Top-tier reproductive endocrinologists
  • Supportive system like family
  • Variety of fertility treatments


  • Long waitlist
  • Not budget-friendly

Customer Reviews

Super caring and informative

“I really appreciate all the attention that I had on my egg freezing procedure. I did my first cycle with Olive but only had 4 eggs frozen. I was expecting the same result. But Dr. Cheung at Grace Fertility has a total different approach. He carefully monitors my menstrual cycle dates and follicles growth. Both nurse Jana and Katelyn were super caring and informative. I ended up getting 14 eggs frozen this time! So thankful for the incredible team!”

Angel Chen, Google Reviews

Everybody is so warm and supportive and caring 

“The team at Grace Fertility, from the front desk staff to the nurses, Dr. Cheung and the lab technicians, are WONDERFUL. Everybody is so warm and supportive and caring and attentive and good at their jobs. We literally could not have better things to say about our experience there, and are now 3 months pregnant after only 2 transfers 🙂 They will always do what’s in your best interest and aligned with your goals! Special thanks to Katelyn and Dr. C!!! Dr. Cheung is warm and kind with a sense of humour, he makes you feel comfortable and safe and like you’re in good hands. Thank you to everybody involved in our journey!”

Theodora Crane, Google Reviews