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Beyond the Pint Glass: A Craft Spirits Adventure in Vancouver’s Distilleries

Beyond the Pint Glass A Craft Spirits Adventure in Vancouver's Distilleries

Ah, distilleries, the playgrounds of liquid craftsmen, where every drop tells a story and every sip is a journey. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect spot to indulge your discerning taste buds, look no further. 

We’ve rounded up the crème de la crème of distilleries in Vancouver just for you.

From the smoothest single malt whiskey that’s won hearts and awards to the coconut-infused vodka that’ll transport you straight to the tropics, we’ve got something to tickle every taste bud. 

So kick back, relax, and let us guide you through a spirited adventure unlike any other. Let’s toast to good times and even better drinks!

The Liberty Distillery

– Media credit: tldistillery


Location: 1494 Old Bridge St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3S6, Canada

Contact number: 604-558-1998


  • Monday to Thursday: 12 PM – 7 PM
  • Friday to Saturday: 11 AM – 9 PM
  • Sunday: 11 AM – 7 PM

The Liberty Distillery, a BC gem nestled in Granville Island, is all about artisanal spirits crafted from locally grown organic grain. Their mantra? Authenticity, quality, and tradition, all distilled right on-site in impressive copper pots.

As one of Vancouver’s first notable small-batch distilleries (and the only one on Granville Island), The Liberty is more than just a boozy paradise. 

Just step into their cocktail lounge, with its cozy vibes and classic pub-style bar, and prepare to sample some seriously good local gins, vodkas, and whiskies. 

And if you’re curious about the magic behind the spirits, sign up for a distillery tour to witness it firsthand.

Located on bustling Old Bridge Street, The Liberty attracts both chance wanderers and loyal locals alike, all eager to snag a bottle of their favorite spirit.

The cocktails? Oh, they’re something else. 

The West Coast Negroni and The Greenheart are fan favorites, but if you really want to taste the goods, opt for a flight of half-ounce tasters.

Now, let’s talk snacks. While they offer a small selection of wraps and pretzels, let’s be real, the focus here is on the booze.

Once you step inside, you’ll feel the enthusiasm radiating from the staff. For the full experience, book a tour in advance ($10 per person) and dive deep into the distillation process while enjoying a guided tasting.

Pro Tip:
Be sure to try their oat vodka and single-grain whiskey, and don’t sleep on their fresh and delicious Mules. They’re a real treat!

Anderson Distilleries

– Media credit: andersondistilleries


Location: 3011 Underhill Ave # 106, Burnaby, BC V5A 4S9, Canada

Contact number: 604-961-0326


  • They don’t work regular hours at the distillery, so it’s best to contact them.

This cool Craft distillery in Burnaby that’s making waves needs to be checked out! They’ve got some serious gin game with flavors like London Dry, Smoked Rosemary, Golden, Hibiscus (yup, it’s red!), and even Denim (yeah, you read that right: blue gin!). 

Plus, they’re shaking things up with their latest creation, Bread vodka. Talk about being innovative!

Whether you’re a gin enthusiast or just looking for something unique, they’ve got you covered. Just picture yourself sipping on a refreshing Limoncello or getting adventurous with their Hibiscus or Denim Gin. 

And if you’re feeling extra fancy, they’ll even whip up custom brews just for you from start to finish. Now that’s service!

Pro Tip:
At just $30 a bottle, their gins are a steal. With flavors this bold and prices this good, you can’t go wrong.

Long Table Distillery

– Media credit: longtabledistillery


Location: 1451 Hornby St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1W8, Canada

Contact number: 604-266-0177


  • Closed from Monday to Wednesday
  • Thursday to Saturday: 3 PM – 9 PM
  • Sunday: 2 PM – 7 PM

Long Table Distillery isn’t your average distillery. It’s more like that cool hipster kid in school, whipping up small-batch, organic spirits right here in Vancouver, BC. 

With a focus on crafting flavorful dry gins and handcrafted vodka using locally sourced ingredients, they’re all about quality over quantity.

Once you step into their tasting room and distillery, you’ll be greeted by a 14-foot communal table crafted from a redwood plank, the heart and soul of this operation. 

Here, they whip up small-batch gins, vodka, and special liqueurs, all made with love and attention to detail. 

Now, their tasting room hours might be a bit limited (Friday for gin and tonics, Thursday and Saturday for cocktails), but trust us, it’s worth planning your visit around. 

With its cozy, family-friendly vibe and exceptional drinks, Long Table Distillery is a treat you won’t soon forget.

Pro Tip:
Whether you’re into spicy and strong or summery and fresh, they’ve got something for everyone. The Nautical will warm you up from the inside out, while the Hotel Georgia will transport you to a sunny beach with every sip.

The Woods Spirit Co.

– Media credit: woodsspiritco


Location: 1450 Rupert St, North Vancouver, BC V7J 1E9, Canada


  • Closed from Monday to Wednesday
  • Thursday to Friday: 5 PM – 9 PM
  • Saturday: 3 PM – 9 PM
  • Sunday: 3 PM – 7 PM

The Woods Spirit Co. is where Italian-inspired spirits and liqueurs reign supreme.  Crafted with care in North Vancouver, these award-winning drinks are a local favorite.

At their cozy distillery, The Woods Bar invites you to relax with delicious pizza and expertly crafted cocktails. 

And if you can’t make it in person, don’t worry. They offer cocktail kits for at-home enjoyment, including unique options like the Nocino x Coffee Kit.

If you’re looking to up your cocktail game, join one of their cocktail classes led by bar manager Ryan Buchanan. It’s a fun way to learn from the pros and impress your friends with your newfound skills! 

Pro Tip:
Get the Sicilian Spritz Kit and Chiaro Spritz Kit, both $50, offering Sicilian and crisp Chiaro flavors. Or you can upgrade to the deluxe Chiaro Spritz Kit at $60 for an extra kick.

Odd Society Spirits

– Media credit: oddsocietyspirits


Location: 1725 Powell St, Vancouver, BC V5L 1H6, Canada

Contact number: 604-559-6745


  • Closed from Monday to Wednesday
  • Thursday: 4 PM – 10 PM
  • Friday: 3 PM – 11 PM
  • Saturday: 2 PM – 11 PM
  • Sunday: 2 PM – 8 PM

At Odd Society Spirits, they’re all about crafting unique spirits that reflect the diversity of their community. 

On Powell Street in East Vancouver, this distillery blends Old World traditions with New World creativity to produce a range of spirits, including whiskey, vodka, and gin.

Founder and Distiller Gordon Glanz brings a wealth of experience to the table, with an MSc in brewing and distilling from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Each spirit is crafted with care, embodying its own distinct personality, from the subtle Wallflower Gin to the bold Mongrel.

So whether you’re sipping on their smooth Gin and Tonic or exploring favorites like the Wallflower-Port Barrel Aged Gin or Robbie Burns Whisky, there’s something here to suit every taste.

Once you get inside their quirky, steampunk-inspired space or relax on their cozy patio deck, you’’ll find a new home for your soul and spirits!

Pro Tip:
Among their top sellers are the Community Collaboration IPA Whiskies with Bomber Brewing, starting at $34.78, the Kir Royale, the Robbie Burns Whisky for $67.83, and the Nectarine Soda Cocktail Kit available for $42.00.

Copperpenny Distilling Co.

– Media credit: copperpennydistillingnv


Location: 288 Esplanade E Unit 103, North Vancouver, BC V7L 1A3, Canada

Contact number: 778-802-3500


  • Closed on Tuesday
  • Wednesday: 4 PM – 10 PM
  • Thursday: 4 PM – 11 PM
  • Friday to Saturday: 4 PM – 12 AM
  • Sunday: 2 PM – 10 PM
  • Monday: 2 PM – 7 PM

Winning a fancy-pants Global Gin Masters Medal just months after kicking off their boozy adventure, Copperpenny Distilling Co. is making the spirits world sit up and take notice. 

Their star player? Copperpenny Gin 005, an absolute powerhouse of flavor and sophistication.

Just imagine 9 top-notch botanicals from around the world, including Bulgarian juniper, Egyptian coriander, and Moroccan grains of paradise, all coming together in a gin that’s smoother than a silk scarf and fuller than your aunt’s biggest spread. 

Whether you’re sipping it neat on ice or jazzing up a Negroni, this gin is the MVP of your liquor cabinet.

And let’s talk about the brains behind the operation: Jan Stenc and Jennifer Kom-Tong, the dynamic duo with a knack for turning their love of gin into liquid gold. 

These two globe-trotting veterans of the movie biz have scoured every corner of the earth for the finest gin experiences, and now they’re bringing that expertise back home to North Vancouver.

Using locally sourced botanicals and wheat straight from the Peace River region, Copperpenny’s got that whole “support local” thing down pat. 

And get this. They’re even teaming up with Fanny Bay Oysters for a collab that’s as wild as it sounds. 

Oyster shells in your gin? Don’t knock it till you try it!

So, what’s the vibe like at Copperpenny’s swanky gin parlor? It’s all expertly crafted spirits served up in a space designed by the one and only Jennifer herself. 

And thanks to a giant glass wall, you can watch the magic happen as their top-of-the-line distilling equipment imported all the way from the Netherlands works its boozy wonders.

Copperpenny isn’t just about gin. They’ve got a whole lineup of liqueurs and Amaros that’ll have you feeling like a cocktail connoisseur in no time. 

Plus, they’ve got master classes, private event bookings, and even a sipping society for those who want to take their love of spirits to the next level. Cheers to that!

Pro Tip:
Grab their offerings like The Provence G&T Cocktail Kit, starting at $75 to kickstart your gin journey!

Artisan SakeMaker

– Media credit: artisansake


Location: 1339 Railspur Alley, Vancouver, BC V6H 4G9, Canada

Contact number: 604-685-7253


  • Open daily from 11:30 AM – 6 PM

Artisan SakeMaker is all about taking sake to the next level with their unique, small-batch creations. 

Since setting up shop on Granville Island in 2007, they’ve been turning heads with their handcrafted brews, known for their fruity vibes and occasional sweet surprises.

What sets Artisan SakeMaker apart is that they’re all about keeping it local, using 100% Canadian ingredients to brew up sake that’s as fresh as it gets. 

Inside their Granville Island shop, prepare to be hit with the mouthwatering aroma of freshly brewed sake. And to enjoy that drink, grab yourself a seat at one of their cozy outdoor tables, soaking up the serene vibes Japanese-style.

From crispy chicken karaage to melt-in-your-mouth rice cakes, each dish is carefully cooked to pair perfectly with their premium sake. After all, why settle for ordinary when you can sip on something extraordinary?

Pro Tip:
Among their bestsellers are the Osake Junmai Nama, starting at $15.99 for 375ml, and the Osake Mirai Sparkling Sake, priced at $38.79 for 750ml. 

For those intrigued by local flavors, the Osake Fraser Valley Junmai – Renaissance, priced at $24.49 for 375ml, promises a unique journey through the terroir of British Columbia’s Fraser Valley. 

Sons of Vancouver Distillery

– Media credit: sonsofvancouver


Location: 1431 Crown St, North Vancouver, BC V7J 1G4, Canada

Contact number: 778-340-5388


  • Closed on Monday
  • Tuesday to Friday: 5 PM – 9 PM
  • Saturday: 1 PM – 9 PM
  • Sunday: 5 PM – 9 PM

Sons of Vancouver isn’t your average distillery. Found in Vancouver’s North Shore, it’s where passion meets adventure! 

With their claim to fame being the irresistible No. 82 amaretto, these guys are on a mission to shake up the Canadian whisky scene with their flavor-packed rye whiskies. 

Their star product, Palm Trees and a Tropical Breeze, took home the crown for Canadian Whisky of the Year 2023. 

100% rye aged in ex-bourbon barrels and finished off in Caribbean rum casks? It’s like a vacation in a bottle.

Now, let’s talk about the tasting room. It’s the place to be for hand-crafted cocktails featuring their house-distilled spirits. 

And if you’re feeling peckish, they’ve got burritos on deck, courtesy of their pals at Don Chendo Mexican Market.

They’ve also got weekly features that’ll make you want to keep coming back for more. Be sure to check Tuesday Whisky Nights, Wednesday/Thursday Burrito Specials, Saturday Dog Day Afternoons, Surfs Up Sundays, and their Happy Hour. 

Pro Tip:
Buy a bottle of their spirits and score a free cocktail from their ‘Back to Basics’ menu. Now that’s what we call a sweet deal.

Stealth Craft Distillers

– Media credit: stealthcraftdistillers


Location: 20 Orwell St #3, North Vancouver, BC V7J 2G1, Canada

Stealth Craft Distillers, tucked away in charming North Vancouver, BC, is where the magic happens. And by magic, we mean seriously good spirits crafted with love and a touch of cheekiness. 

As a family-owned operation, they’re all about quality over quantity, so you can bet your bottom dollar you’re in for a premium small-batch experience.

Back in 2006, they dipped their toes in the distilling game by snagging their product from the US. But when 2013 rolled around and the liquor laws for craft distillers got a facelift, they saw their chance to shine. 

Fast forward to 2015, and voila! They’ve got their own distillery on Orwell Street, cranking out their signature vodkas from scratch.

Now cue the applause for Stealth Craft Vodka, born from years of tinkering and taste-testing. 

And with not one, but two award-winning vodkas – Stealth Corn Vodka and Stealth Wheat Vodka – they’re kind of a big deal in the spirits world.

Now, let’s talk Stealth Corn Vodka. It’s like a sweet symphony in a bottle, with a creamy body and a dry finish that’ll have you singing its praises at the first sip. 

And Stealth Wheat Vodka? Smooth, clean, and perfect for mixing up whatever cocktail concoction tickles your fancy. 

They’ve even brought a taste of the tropics to the West Coast with their latest creation: Stealth West Coast Rum – Toasted Coconut. 

You can just picture yourself on a beach, sipping on a cocktail made with this smooth rum infused with toasted organic coconut. Pure bliss, right?

Pro Tip:
They’ve got some fancy recipes up their sleeve, including ones whipped up by special collaborators and mixologists. Our personal pick? The Vodka Watermelon Sangria!

Parallel 49 Brewing Company

– Media credit: parallel49beer


Location: 1950 Triumph St, Vancouver, BC V5L 1K5, Canada

Contact number: 604-558-2739


  • Open daily from 11 AM – 12 AM

Parallel 49 Brewing is the ultimate hangout spot for beer lovers and foodies alike in the heart of East Vancouver. 

Just take several steps inside and you’re greeted by an avocado-green bar, slatted ceilings, and long communal tables that scream laid-back vibes. 

But the real showstopper has gotta be the food truck, wheels and all, cleverly nestled in the 117-seat “Street Kitchen.” 

Regulars flock here on weekends to chill out over lunch or dinner, sampling from the ever-changing lineup of 15-plus craft brews on tap.

And let’s talk beer. With creative names like Hillbilly Ninja and Salty Scot, you know you’re in for a treat. 

The Jerkface 9000? Well, let’s just say it’s got a name that begs for an explanation.

We’re not really sure, but it’s probably an inside joke among the makers!

Now, onto the grub. Comfort food reigns supreme here, with everything from fried chicken and poutine to ribs and tacos gracing the menu. 

And don’t even get us started on the turkey poutine. It’s just downright delicious.

The service is super friendly, but be warned: it can get busy. 

Parallel 49 might be a bit off the beaten path but trust us, it’s worth the trip. 

Pro Tip:
We don’t know if it’s the names or what’s the inspiration behind them, but we’re recommending Filthy Dirty, Hillbilly Ninja, and Ruby Tears!

Mad Laboratory Distilling

– Media credit: madlabspirits


Location: 618 East Kent Ave S #119, Vancouver, BC V5X 4V6, Canada

Contact number: 604-301-4855

Mad Laboratory isn’t your run-of-the-mill distillery. It’s the brainchild of Scott Thompson, a guy who believed that with a heap of passion, hard graft, and a whole lot of community love, he could turn his dream of a unique whisky distillery into a reality.

We’re now going into details that only true brew lovers appreciate! 

Brewing up their magic with 100% BC-grown malted barley, Mad Lab’s mash goes through a fermentation process like baking sourdough bread, with continuous yeast culture and all. 

And let’s talk about that yeast! It’s been evolving, becoming a one-of-a-kind strain that adds consistent and unique flavors to their spirits. 

Mad Lab’s commitment to quality and energy efficiency is next level. They brew with 100% malted barley, slowly lautering to maximize sugar extraction and minimize waste. 

And when it comes to fermentation, they’re all about that quick and efficient process, resulting in a mash that’s rich and malty, the perfect canvas for distillation.

Speaking of distillation, Mad Lab does things their own way. With a custom-built stainless-steel pot still, they carefully distill their spirits 2-3 times, retaining bold flavors while achieving high chemical purity. 

And let’s not forget about aging. Their single malt whisky is matured in a mix of quarter casks and ex-bourbon barrels, delivering a clean, rich oak flavor that’s smooth as silk.

What sets Mad Laboratory apart? They’re all about keeping it real: no chill filtration, no artificial colors or flavors. 

Just pure, unadulterated liquid gold that’s as close to drinking straight from the barrel as you can get. 

Pro Tip:
They’ve got a whole range of goodies, including gin, Cacoa Amaro, and schnapps, among other delights. But we’ve got to be real, our hearts belong to their timeless classic single malt whisky!

Yaletown Distilling Company

– Media credit: yaletowndistillery


Location: 1111 Mainland St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2T9, Canada

Contact number: 604-681-2739


  • Monday to Thursday: 11:30 AM – 11 PM
  • Friday: 11:30 AM – 2 AM
  • Saturday: 10 AM – 2 AM
  • Sunday: 10 AM – 11 PM

Let’s go to the heart of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, where Yaletown Distilling Company is making waves with their top-notch spirits, including gin and vodka. 

This distillery is more than just about the drinks. It’s also home to a buzzing restaurant and bar scene, where good times and great flavors collide.

Since 1994, this brewpub has been the go-to spot for after-work drinks, lunch dates, and evening hangs in Vancouver’s converted warehouse district. 

Exposed brick walls, rough-hewn timber beams, and behind a wall of glass, massive vats brimming with fresh beer. Classic Yaletown vibes, right?

And the crowd? Oh, it’s a mixed bag, our fellow beer lovers! 

From sharp-suited regulars unwinding after a long day to laid-back millennials rocking shorts and sandals, you’ll find a little bit of everything here. It’s like a microcosm of Vancouver itself.

That’s because Yaletown Brewing Company crafts some seriously delicious suds right on the premises. 

Do you fancy an easy-drinking 604 Lager or feeling adventurous with the Loading Bay IPA? They got it!

With options like these, there’s something for every palate. They’ve got a spread that’ll make your taste buds sing. 

Whether you’re craving beer pretzels or tempura-battered fried pickles, or perhaps something more substantial like duck confit or a juicy ribeye, they’ve got you covered. 

Pro Tip:
When the weather’s fine, head out to the wraparound patio, arguably the best in Yaletown, for some serious people-watching and patio vibes.

Brassneck Brewery

– Media credit: brassneckbrew


Location: 2148 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T 3C5, Canada

Contact number: 236-485-1398


  • Sunday to Monday: 2 PM – 10 PM
  • Tuesday to Friday: 2 PM – 11 PM
  • Saturday: 12 PM – 11 PM

Brassneck Brewery is where rustic charm meets seriously good beer. Their tasting room is your yeasty home away from home, complete with knotty softwood tables, rough-hewn millwork, and concrete floors. 

A dozen taps await your tastebuds, just waiting to keep you guessing! And with flights on the menu, you can mix and match to your heart’s content. 

You can start off easy with the No Brainer, a pre-Prohibition style corn lager, then work your way up to the mighty Inertia III, a bourbon barrel-aged stout that’s not for the faint-hearted at 10% ABV.

While Brassneck may not have a full menu, don’t worry if you feel peckish! There’s always a trusty food truck parked outside, ready to curb those cravings.

But what really sets Brassneck apart is their passion for beer. The staff here are true aficionados, always ready to geek out over the brewing process and share their knowledge with anyone willing to listen. 

If you chat long enough with them, they just might toast one with you! 

Pro Tip:
With a special brewery license acquired by the company, you can wander around Brassneck with your drink in hand and there’s no need to stay glued to your seat.

Resurrection Spirits

– Media credit: resurrectionspirits


Location: 1672 Franklin St, Vancouver, BC V5L 1P4, Canada

Contact number: 604-253-0059


  • Closed from Sunday to Wednesday
  • Thursday: 4 PM – 10 PM
  • Friday to Saturday: 4 PM – 12 AM
  • Saturday: 4 PM – 12 AM

We dare you to step into Resurrection Spirits, where the cocktails rival the Vancouver skyline in beauty, the staff outshines your favorite neighbor, and the owner’s passion for his craft is as clear as the spirits he pours. 

Their latest masterpiece, Rosé Gin, aged in cabernet sauvignon barrels, has a hue as captivating as its flavor explosion! Juniper, ginger, grapefruit, and spices, they’re all jazzed up with oak and red wine undertones.

With only 350 hand-numbered bottles available at $65 each, it’s a must-have for any discerning drinker. What’s more, their white rye, made from organic BC rye grain, adds a flavorful punch to any cocktail, leaving bland vodka in the dust.

Found in Vancouver’s lively Distillery District, Resurrection Spirits invites you to their chic tasting lounge. So, grab a Rock & Rye cocktail and brace yourself for the fiery kick of their signature white rye. 

Pardon the pun, but this is where your spirits get resurrected!

Pro Tip:
Did we mention you can indulge in some amazing food from the neighboring Catch Weight while you’re at it? It’s the perfect trifecta of good vibes, good drinks, and good eats!